The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Implementing Daraa deal | Regime forces enter Sahem Golan west Daraa, 3,200 wanted struck reconciliations and 600 weapons handed over


Daraa province: SOHR activists have reported entry of regime forces and security services to Sahem Golan in west Daraa countryside in light of the deals that have been concluded between the regime forces and the west Daraa dignitaries under Russian mediation while the process of conciliating the conditions of the wanted across Daraa has been continuous in Daraa al-Balad and the countryside of west and central Daraa after 21 days of staring new deals in Daraa province.

Number of those struck reconciliation in that period has risen to 3,200 people of the wanted for the obligatory conscription and the deserters and local gunmen and some civilians.

According to SOHR documentations, 1,100 of the local gunmen, civilians and wanted for the obligatory army service in Daraa al-Balad had struck reconciliation as well as 2,100 wanted in Tafs, Tal Shehab, al-Agamy, Nahag, al-Yadodah, al-Mazareeb, Masaken Jeleen and Zizoun in west Daraa countryside and other villages and towns of Joumilah, al-Shagrah, Ma’aryat, Abdeeen, Qouyaa, Bayet Arah, Naf’ah, al-Shbrouq, al-Mysatyah, Ain Zakr, Sahm Golan in al-Yarmuq Basin in west Daraa countryside.

Basded on Daraa deal, some 600 individual weapons were also handed over during the reconciliation process that was struck in the afro- mentioned areas.