12 of Iran-backed factions wounded | Unknown air attack on west Euphrates destroy land-land rocket bases • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

12 of Iran-backed factions wounded | Unknown air attack on west Euphrates destroy land-land rocket bases

SOHR activists, in the Iran-backed factions’ areas in west Euphrates, have reported that the sources of an air attack by military warplanes remained unknown. But the attack has destroyed launchers of Iranian-made land-land rockets that were used by the Iranian-backed factions in al-Mazar’a neighborhood in al-Mayadeen desert that is considered as the largest gathering of the factions in the region.

The sources added that the fire and rocket shrapnel have wounded at least 12 persons of the factions loyal to Iran from non-Syrian nationalities where they have been transferred to al-Shefaa Hospital under control of the factions in al-Mayadeen city amid high security alert.

In the past few hours, SOHR activists reported violent explosions in al-Mazar’a neighborhood near al-Mayadeen city in east Deir Ezzor countryside in strikes launched by unknow jet over posts of Iranian factions in wet Euphrates region, the Iranian colony, but no casualties have been reported yet.

It is worth noting the al-Mazar’a neighborhood is a military region for the Iranian factions and centers for training the fighters and the new recruited individuals.

On Sept. 25, SOHR sources in west Euphrates region, the Iranian “colony” in Syrian territory, reported that militias affiliated to the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps transported Iranian-made “Volcano H2” missiles from their weapons warehouse near al-Shibli archaeological site in al-Mayadeen desert in eastern Deir Ezzor to areas and positions of Iranian-backed militias in Ma’adan area in the eastern countryside of al-Raqqah.

It is worth noting that the missiles were transported in trucks under heavy guard. However, it is not known if the transport of these missiles to al-Raqqah was a part of preparations by IRGC-backed militias to attack International Coalition bases in eastern Euphrates or for other reasons.

In mid-September, SOHR activists documented the death of three militiamen of the Iraqi Popular Mobilization Forces (IPMF) due to a drone attack on the Syria-Iraqi border on September 14. However, the identity of the drone which targeted the IPMF vehicles and trucks in al-Bokamal countryside remained unknown. Meanwhile, US government denied that the attack, which destroyed three trucks of the Iraqi Popular Mobilization Forces, was carried out by its drones.

On September 5, reliable sources told SOHR that a new batch of oil trucks carrying fuel entered Syria from Iraq, as nearly 39 oil trucks crossed through the crossings controlled by Iranian-backed militias in al-Mayadeen and al-Bokamal in the eastern countryside of Deir Ezzor. The trucks took Dier Ezzor highway to Homs, then they headed to Lebanon. It is worth noting that this was the second batch of fuel to enter Syria from Iraq and head to Lebanon in this week. The first batch comprised at least 50 oil trucks.

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