Al-Hawl mini-state in 2021| Nearly 60 children dies in al-Hawl camp in 2021 • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Al-Hawl mini-state in 2021| Nearly 60 children dies in al-Hawl camp in 2021


Death still claimed lives of more people in al-Hawl camp, located in north east al-Hasakah amid the catastrophic conditions that cast their shadow on the medical side in the camp, and the reluctance of all the international sides for providing support to find a solution for the humanitarian crisis in the camp of death.

SOHR activists have reported death of 58 male and female children inside the camp due to the worsening living and health conditions and shortage of medicine and food, acute shortage of medical care because of the reluctance of the international organizations.

According to SOHR documentations, the deaths are categories as the following:
• 34 Iraqis including 11 female children and 23 males children
• 19 Syrians including 7 males children and 12 female children
• Four European nationalities including two male and two female kids.

Accordingly, the number of people who have died since early January 2019 to date rose to 752 persons, including 579 children under the age of 18. The people in Al-Hawl camp have been suffering from the inhumane situation, especially after the camp turned into a mini state, housing mostly children and women of the families of ISIS members.

The children who lost their lives were of many nationalities, including British, Portuguese, Russian, Turkish, Azeri, Ukrainian, Belgian, Chinese, Chechen, Turkmen, Moroccan, Tunisian, Maldivian, Indonesian, Somali, and India, as well as other nationalities from Asia, Europe, and Africa.

SOHR activists have documented the deaths of 209 persons since early 2020, including 95 children under the age of 18, due to the international organizations’ inaction which is reflected in the deteriorating health and living conditions, lack of medicine, and shortage of medical care in the camp.

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