Afrin violations | Old woman among three civilians arrested by Turkish Intelligence in Jendires, while Liwaa al-Samarqand seizes more olive trees • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Afrin violations | Old woman among three civilians arrested by Turkish Intelligence in Jendires, while Liwaa al-Samarqand seizes more olive trees

Aleppo province: SOHR sources have reported that the Turkish Intelligence and the military police stormed three houses in Jendires district in Afrin countryside yesterday, arresting three civilians, including an old woman, for dealing with “the former Autonomous Administration”. The three civilians where taken to unknown destination.


On the other hand, SOHR activists have confirmed that Liwaa al-Samarqand seized nearly 3,200 olive trees, yesterday, in Kafr Safra village in Jendires district under the pretext that the owner of the olive field was living outside Afrin and that the farmland belonged to the state. The Turkish-backed faction also prevented representatives authorized by the land’s owner from harvesting the olive crops.


It is worth noting that the members of Liwaa al-Samarqand have seized over 36,000 fruit-bearing trees in Kafr Safra village since Turkish forces and their proxy factions captured Afrin canton in March 2018.


Yesterday, SOHR activists reported that the militiamen of a patrol of the Turkish-backed al-Hamza Divisionarrested a civilian from Qujman village in Jendires district on September 30. However, the reasons behind arresting the civilian remained unknown. The patrol’s militiamen also stole eight bags of olive from the arrested civilian’s field.


On the other hand, the Turkish-backed military police released a civilian from Buraymijah village in Ma’batli district on September 27 in return for a ransom of 170 USD. The civilian was arrested 27 days earlier for “dealing with the former Autonomous Administration”.


While on September 30, members of Suleiman Shah faction beat an elder from Kakherah village in Ma’batli brutally and stole 600 TL and mobile phones in his positions, as well as looting some furniture from his house.


On September 29, SOHR sources reported that a leader in al-Jabaha al-Shamiya faction known as Alaa Hasan Saqr arrested a civilian from Mamly village of Jendires district in Afrin countryside a few days earlier, where the Turkish-backed leader and militiamen under his command beat the civilian severely over a complaint filed by the civilian against the leader. It is worth noting that the civilian had filed  complaints at the “Rights Restitution Committee” and the Turkey-formed courts against Saqr for seizing his villa at Kafr Jannah road.


That complaints enraged the leader and spurred him to arrest the civilian, took him to the prison of al-Jabaha al-Shamiyah in the village of KafrJannah in Sharran district and beat him severely, which caused cuts and bruises all over his body. The Turkish-backed leader also threatened the civilian to kidnap and murder his family in the case that he resumed filing complaints against him.

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