Striking settlements concluded in Nawa city | Regime forces prepare for running new settlements in Jassim city and countryside • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Striking settlements concluded in Nawa city | Regime forces prepare for running new settlements in Jassim city and countryside

Daraa province: SOHR activists have reported that dozens of individual weapons were handed out, while about 600 persons struck reconciliations deals.

On the other hand, the SOHR sources have reported that striking reconciliations deals for the people of Jassim city and the towns of Namer and Al-Harah in the northwestern countryside of Daraa, will start from tomorrow, Sunday. Sources added that regime forces will receive citizens in Jasem city Culture Center to implement reconciliation deals and handing out weapon.

The settlement process includes all defectors, wanted suspects, and those who have security search orders to any security services, and who are still have weapons.

Earlier today, Syrian Observatory activists reported that regime forces continued the process of striking the new reconciliations for suspects, local gunmen, military deserters and young people who passed their date of joining the mandatory service to regime’s security branches in Nawa city on the third consecutive day as a part of the implementation of the Russian-mediated agreement between the security committee and dignitaries of the city.

The new reconciliation deals coincided with handing of weapons and inspection in the city’s houses by regime forces and Russian military police. It is worth noting that the regime security committee delivered lists, yesterday, with names of 238 suspects in Nawa city, who had to be informed of striking new reconciliations with the security services. However, several people whose names were mentioned in these listed were dead, while some others left Syria a while ago.

Yesterday, SOHR activists reported that a meeting was held on Thursday in Jasem city in the northern countryside of Daraa province, between dignitaries of Jasem city and a delegation of regime forces and the Russian military police.

During the meeting, regime forces demanded elders of the city hand over more than 200 weapons owned by the people in the city to accomplish the reconciliation process. The regime delegation also threatened Jasem dignitaries to bombard the city with heavy weapons in the case that the required number of weapons weren’t handed over.

The move came after the regime forces brought in nearly 700 soldiers and surrounded Jasem city on the previous day and accomplished the striking of reconciliation deals in west Daraa countryside.

Additionally, the regime security committee delivered lists with the names of 238 suspected who had to settle their security situations in Nawi city which is considered as the gate to the northern countryside of Daraa province, and it demanded the dignitaries hand over weapons, including machineguns, Russian rifles, RBGs, weapons warehouses and grenades.

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