After Lebanese General Security’s decision to hand them over to Syrian regime | SOHR appeals to international actors to undertake the file of arrested Syrians in Lebanon • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

After Lebanese General Security’s decision to hand them over to Syrian regime | SOHR appeals to international actors to undertake the file of arrested Syrians in Lebanon

Reports were circulated in the past few hours on decisions issued by the Lebanese General Security regarding enforced deportation of Syrian refugees arrested in Lebanon under various accusations, including “involvement in terrorist acts”. According to these decisions, a Syrian young man known as “Maysar Azzawi” will be handed over to the Syrian regime’s authorities today, October 2, while his brother “Mohammed” is expected to hand over to the Syrian regime in a few days.


In an interview with SOHR, the two young men’s counsel Mohammed Salouh commented on what he called the “offence” committed by the Lebanese security service by issuance decisions to hand over these oppositionists to the Syrian regime. Mr. Mohammed said “this case started when the Lebanese General Security handed over a young man, a few days ago, to the Syrian regime government. I communicated with the young man’s relatives who confirmed this report. Now, there are reports of the Lebanese General Security’s intention to hand over two Syrian brothers called ‘Maysar Azzawi’ and ‘Mohammed Azzawi’, so I have been hired to undertake this case, and I have already started to track the case. However, the Lebanese security service has accomplished the needed procedures regarding the handing over of Maysar Azzawi who was supposed to be handed over to the regime government today, October 2, at 09:00 am. While his brother Mohammed is expected to be handed over to the Syrian regime government after three days.”


The lawyer added, “Since I undertook this case, I have taken several procedures in order to evade the handing over of the two brothers to the regime government, as I have informed the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and Amnesty International. I have also filed a complaint to the United Nation Human Rights Council and followed all domestic and international legal proceedings in order to stop the handing over of the two brothers to the Syrian regime.”


“One of the two brothers is accused of sneaking to Lebanon territory in 2019. Accordingly, the young man had to be handed over to the Syrian regime under a decision issued earlier by the Lebanese Supreme Defence Council which stipulated for the deportation of the Syrian people who entered Lebanon after April 2019. However, in fact the young man entered Lebanon in 2017, and he was accused of counterfeiting an ID card to be able to enter Lebanon. Although the young man was arrested in the Lebanese area of al-Dahiyah in 2019, the ID card and other documents have been still available and proving his entry to Lebanon in 2017,” illustrated al-Salouh.


Mohammed Salouh also warned against the Lebanese General Security’s decision to hand over Syrian oppositionists to the Syrian regime, and he stressed, “the decision violates the international laws, as article No. 3 of the United Nations Convention against Torture forbids states to transport people to any country where there is reason to believe they will be tortured. The deportation of the two brothers to Syria has put their safety and lives at risk, especially since the Amnesty International released a report in September, confirming that the Syrian refugees who returned to regime-held areas in Syria were tortured, raped or killed. The Lebanese government is planning secretly for something bad against the Syrian refugees opposing the Syrian regime, as such practices cannot be justified under any excuses, and the human rights organizations have to exert pressure to put an end to these unjust procedures against the Syrian refugees.”


The Syrian Observatory has obtained voice records of one of the relatives of “Maysar and Mohammed Azzawi”, in which he confirmed that preparations were underway to hand over “Maysar” to the Syrian regime authorities, after he had been forced to sign a document stating that he accepted to be deported to Syria. According to the two young men’s relatives, the young men were arrested in 2019, and they were sentenced to three years in prison for “involvement in terrorist acts”, although there were no evidences against them.


SOHR has also obtained a copy of the sentence issued by the military court in Lebanon stating that the two brothers “Maysar and Mohammed Azzawi”, who were detained in Rumiyyah prison, were accused of several charges, including weapons trafficking, involvement in terrorist acts and counterfeiting ID cards.

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