The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Aerial airdrop | International Coalition arrests ISIS leaders and kills civilian in al-Raqqa

Al-Raqqa province: SOHR activists have reported that the “International Coalition” forces have carried out an airdrop operation in Shanina village 20 km southern al-Raqqa city, and arrested two of ISIS leaders and several women, where a civilian was killed near the site coinciding with the airdrop operation.

Yesterday, SOHR sources reported that International Coalition Forces carried out an airdrop in Shninah village in the north-western countryside of al-Raqqah this dawn, targeting a house inhabited by displaced people from Deir Ezzor, as all people living in the house were arrested, amid unconfirmed reports on an airstrike by the Coalition on the house, after arresting its inhabitants.

This security campaign coincided with inspection by SDF, backed by Coalition air support, searching for ISIS cells in Teshrin farm in northern al-Raqqah.