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For circulating foreign currencies | Syria regime arrests two displaced young men from Afrin at frontlines near Sheikh Maqsoud

Aleppo province: SOHR activists have reported that members of the state security branch spreading at the outskirt of Sheikh Maqsoud in Aleppo have arrested two deported young men from Afrin, one of them from Trenda village in Afrin countryside and the other one from Aly karo in Bulbul neighborhood near Media Hall.

The members have stolen their car and took them to unknown destination. According to SOHR activists, one of the arrested has been accused by the regime forces of dealing not with the Syrian Lira. Meanwhile, reasons behind arresting the two men remained unknown till the moment.

Around the vicinity of Aleppo, regime forces’ checkpoints have spread, while the people entering the city for the first moment believe that those checkpoints are for promoting security and preventing thefts and looting the civilians houses, but unfortunately, those checkpoints only task is to search for the money either the Syrian Lira or the other currencies.

It is worth noting that those checkpoints are near to the trafficking posts and influence of the Turkey-backed factions and SDF as well as the factions in the de-escalation area.

Based on statement of the security service and the 4th Division that was distributed on all the prevailing checkpoints in Aleppo countryside, the civilians money is confiscated if it exceeded 300,000 Syrian lira and if any civilians own more than that sum, all his funds will be confiscated for the interest of the Central Bank in Aleppo.

A civilian who is known by “M.D.” was exposed to operation of confiscating his money, nearly 3 million Syrian Lira, by members of the 4th Division on pretext to trading in the black market and smuggling money to via Syria, but the truth was that the man has sold his car to buy another one.

On the other hand, a female civilian known as “N.M” that said that the 4th Division in al-Ashraqiya has searched her bags while she was passing through the checkpoints. The forces told her they were searching for money that is above 300,000 Syrian lira, and that any civilian who carries more, his money will be confiscated.

In the same context, on August 29, the 4th Division that are spreading nearby al-Sheikh Maqsoud and al-Ashraqiyah districts, have arrested 12 civilians from Afrin city including three civilians who are working on gold instrument and trading jewelries in Sheikh Maqsoud and al-Ashraqia. One of the arrested has been released after his family paid a ransom, while the other two have been transferred to the Syrian capital in Damascus over charge of money laundry and not paying taxes for the state.

Meanwhile, the 4th Division has arrested another civilian from Afrin and confiscated his new mobile on pretest that his cell phone is one of the trafficked commodities and have not entered Syria via the Syrian customs. But, the victim has paid taxes in a local communication company “Sirital”. He was released three days later.

The regime forces have arrested another male who had 1,300 USD and has turned his case to the Economic Court on pretext of trafficking and trading currencies.

At al-Lirmoon checkpoint known as al-Feesh, members at the checkpoint have insulted the civilians and delayed the cars on purpose pressing the drivers to pay to pass faster. “B.Kh” has told to forces members at the checkpoint that his brother is sick and he couldn’t wait for long times, but Abu Yazen, an official at the border has insulted him infront of the other.

Abu Yazen threatened the man that he will take him to (his aunt house) which means prison if he repeated his complaints and he added “even if your brother dies, it is not of my business.”

The behavior of Abu Yazen has forces the civilian to stand at the checkpoint for more than five hours amid cries of the sick man due out of his severe pains.

The civilian added that Abu Yazen has delayed the drivers longer to force them to pay from 10 to 15 Syrian Lira and the drivers paid to avoid waiting for longer period.

Al-Ashrafyah checkpoint with support of Liwaa al-Baqer from al-Bikara tribe has searched the cars and the by passers thoroughly in search for money which forced the civilians to stand or more than two hours at the checkpoint. The search led to long queues of cars without paying any attention to the sick people and the humanitarian cases, and by the end some of the sick people walked to al-Ashrafiyah neighborhood on foot.

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