Security vacuum in regime-held areas | Five murders occur in various provinces in 24 hours • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Security vacuum in regime-held areas | Five murders occur in various provinces in 24 hours

As security instability is escalating in the areas under the control of the Syrian regime throughout Syria, SOHR sources reported that a man was found dead and hanged from a tree near his house in Buwaydah al-Suwayqat village in Safita area in Tartus countryside. While the reasons and motive behind the crime remained unknown.


In west Homs countryside, a young man was shot dead by gunmen affiliated to the 4th Division in al-Janoubiyah village in al-Qusayr area for unknown reasons.


On the other hand, SOHR activists have confirmed that murderer of the man who was found dead, yesterday, in his car on the road to Qanawat in al-Suwaidaa city was a member of the 4th Division, headed by the brother of the Syrian regime’s president Maher al-Assad. The murderer was handed to the regime security service in al-Suwaidaa city, where he acknowledged of committing the crime over personal disagreements with the victim.


Furthermore, SOHR activists have also reported a murder in al-Sanamayn city yesterday evening, as unknown gunmen opened fire on a group of people in the city, killing one and injuring three.


Earlier this morning, Observatory sources reported that a fight erupted yesterday between two armed groups at al-Iraqiyyeen square near the road to al-Harramat in Sayeda Zeinab area in southern Rif Dimashq. The clashes left several people injured, while a child was killed after being hit with an indiscriminate gunshot.


While in Tartus city, regime security services arrested a young man, this afternoon, as he was carrying a grenade in his hand and threatened a girl of blowing up the grenade, before he also threatened the police officers.

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