Euphrates Shield-controlled areas in Sept. | Above 35 killed and wounded in explosions and sporadic attacks and fights… Growing violation and security lax increase civilians’ sufferings • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Euphrates Shield-controlled areas in Sept. | Above 35 killed and wounded in explosions and sporadic attacks and fights… Growing violation and security lax increase civilians’ sufferings

Since Euphrates Shield areas have been fell under control of the Turkish factions and its proxies, and the growing humanitarian crisis, violations and security lax, no single day passes without violations or attacks or explosions and accidents. SOHR has documented in the following report the complete incidents that took place during Sept., 2021.

SOHR activists have documented during Sept. death of nine civilians: two men who passed away in booby-trapped bike in Jerbalus city, three from Turkey-backed al-Jabaha al-Shamiyah faction, in clashes with the Kurdish forces at frontlines of Maryameen in north Aleppo, three civilians from Tyrkey-backed factions in attack by the Jabhat al-Akrad forces at Maryameen frontlines in north Aleppo and three members of the Turkey-backed factions in targeting al-Jabaha al-Shamiyah forces by guided missile attacks by the posts of the factions forces in al-Karydyah village in east countryside of al-Bab city, and a Turkish solider was killed in a rocket missile by the Kurdish forces on Turkish base in al-Yashly village in al-Bab countryside.

SOHR activists have documented wounding more than 28 persons by with different wounds in explosions, fights, and attacks in Sept. within areas under control of Euphrates Shield areas.

July also witnessed three fights and clashes.

On July 12, SOHR activists have reported that members of al-Hamza Division (al-Hamzat) have assaulted a member of the Military police, after a fight erupted between armed men from Deir Ezzor working for al-Hamza Division and an armed man from Homs city working for the Military Police.

After the fight, the Military Police brought in military reinforcement comprising militiamen of al-Jabha al-Shamiyah and al-Sultan Murad and arrested several gunmen from Deir Ezzor. Al-Hamzat reacted to the arrest of the gunmen by bringing military in reinforcement to al-Bab city, amid growing tension and a state of alert in al-Bab city.

On July 24, SOHR activists have reported seeing people from Deir Ezzor and Ahrar al-Sham faction most of whose members are from east Syria region being put on high alert in al-Bab city in eastern Aleppo, after the civil police had arrested a civilian woman from Deir Ezzor. There are unconfirmed reports that the woman was arrested for “communicating with ISIS”.

SOHR activists also reported hearing sporadic gunfire near al-Centre roundabout in al-Bab city centre, which is under the control of the Turkish-backed “National Army”.

On July 29, reacting to arrest of two ladies yesterday by the civil police in al-Mawali tribe, for unknown reasons and the threats by elders and dignitaries of the tribe, violent clashes erupted between factions of Turkey-backed National Army and individuals from al-Mawali tribe near Sheran neighborhood in Afrin City.

The clashes have caused the road cut between the cities of Afrin and Eazaz while the National Army factions have surrounded Akhtareen city in north Aleppo countryside after gunmen from al-Mawali tribe have gathered for attacking the Civil Police center in Eazaz city.

According to SHOR activists, the National Army factions have arrested nearly ten of the tribe individuals amid military alert and tensions that prevailed all the cities under control of the Turkish factions and its proxies starting from north Aleppo until reaching areas in Afrin in northwest Aleppo.

SOHR activists have also documented during Sept. seven explosions that all happened in the send part of the month.

On Sept. 16, an IED has exploded in a Turkish vessel in al-Bad city which caused material losses.

On Sept. 17, a booby-trapped car has exploded near Zemam neighborhood in al-Bad city which left at least seven wounded.

On Sept. 25, an IED that was put in a garbage pin near al-Azraq pharmacy exploded in central al-Bab city in east Aleppo countryside.

On Sept. 28, Jerbalus city has witnessed two explosions, one was a booby-trapped motor bike that murdered two persons and wounded other 14 including five kids and three women. The other explosion was caused by IED near local municipal building in the city which wounded five.

The six blast tool place on July 29, where IED exploded in car of the chairman of the local municipality in former in front of his house at KafrKalbeen road southern E’azaz while the last one Tal Refaat occurred on July 30, when an IED exploded in a car inside al-Sena’ah in E’azaz city.

On the other hand, SOHR activists in areas under control of the opposition factions in north and east Aleppo countryside have documented several cases of kidnap and arrests in eat and north Aleppo.

On Sept. 12, unknown gunmen in black car have kidnapped a young man a young male from the central market in al-Bab city and other three gunmen in a car have kidnapped a civilian in the day light in Zamzam street in central city of al-Bab after they shot him and beat him severely and then dragged to unknown destination.

On Sept. 23, Turkish intelligence arrested a university student from the place of residence in E’azaz city in north Aleppo countryside in the areas under control of the Turkish forces and its proxies. According to SOHR, the young man is from the displaced in north Hama countryside and studies in mass communication university “Free Aleppo”, but reasons behind the arrest remained unknown.

On Sept. 26, unknown gunmen has kidnapped a civilian in a pick up car outside the real-estate office in al-Bab city under control of the Turkey-backed factions in northeast Aleppo countryside and took him to unknown destination.

On Sept. 16, SOHR activists have reported seeing tens of students staging a vigil, today, in front of the presidency headquarters of the “Free Aleppo University”, demanding the university administration take into account the dire situation of the students and allow them a maximum of six subjects failed in order to move up to the next grade. The vigil comes after a decree decreasing the failed subjects to four.

The students lifted placards with slogans written on them read “We were forced to displace from our areas due to intensive bombardment. Do not be a reason for displacing us again. Are our universities scientific-investment projects or investment-scientific ones”.

The “Free Aleppo University” had announced the result of the admissions to all faculties of the university. The university’s administration also announced the registration fees of the new year as follows:

• Faculty of Engineering: 200 USD

• Faculty of Law: 200 USD

• Faculty of Education “psychological counseling department”: 200 USD

• Faculty of Economics: 200 USD

• Faculty of Arts and Human Science “Arabic, English and Turkish departments”: 175 USD

• Faculty of Education “class teachers”: 175 USD

• Faculty of Islamic Law (Shari’a): 175 USD

• Faculty of Science “Math, Chemistry, Physics and Biology departments”: 150 USD

• Faculty of Political Science: 150 USD

• Technical institutes of Mass Communication, Business and Engineering: 150 USD

• Technical institutes of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine: 125 USD.

From the aforementioned violations in the Euphrates Shield areas that wouldn’t be stooped as long as the Turkish forces and its factions continue in violating all international norms and documents for human rights without deterrence despite of the repeated warnings by SOHR of the repercussions of those humanitarian conditions.

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