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Ongoing exchange of mercenaries | Nearly 330 Syrian mercenaries in route to Libya

Turkish intelligence continues sending the mercenaries from Syria to Libya and deport those in Libya, whose contracts have been terminated, and those who desire to return back to Syria in an operation of organized exchange.

A new batch of Syrian mercenaries have gone out to Turkey via Hiwar Kliks crossing in north Aleppo countryside, and they arrived in south Turkey in buses in preparations to leave to Libya.

According to SOHR resources, the new batch is composed of 200 mercenaries who are members of Turkey-backed factions, while SOHR sources stressed that a plane has left Misrata Airport to Tripoli and then to Turkey. Meanwhile, SOHR sources have stressed that an airplane has left Misrata Airport in Libya to Tripoli and then to Turkey carrying on board members of the mercenaries returning to Syrian via the Turkish airports.

Number of mercenaries leaving Libya to Syria reached 420 members during the past four days. SOHR sources knew that members of mercenaries of the Syrian nationals have reached Syria yesterday after their return back from Libya on October 5.

SOHR sources also have reported that Turkey-backed factions stationed in Olive Branch and Euphrates Shield areas have sent nearly 130 mercenaries to Turkey on October 6 to transfer them to Libya. The Turkish intelligence also has asked leaders of its loyal factions to keep the members on alert to transfer new batches from Libya when asked.

On Oct. 5, Reliable SOHR sources have confirmed the return of the first batch of Turkish-backed Syrian mercenaries from Libya, as an aero plane with nearly 300 Syrian fighters aboard landed in Turkish territory, then the fighters were transported later to Syria. The return of Syrian fighters from Libya to Syria comes as a part of the evacuation of foreign forces from Libya.

While this development coincides with the meeting which is expected to be held in Geneva today in order to discuss the file of mercenaries in Libya.

On Oct. 6, reliable sources informed SOHR that Turkish-backed factions in “Olive Branch” and “Euphrates Shield” areas sent nearly 130 mercenaries to Turkey, yesterday, in order to be sent later to Libya. Moreover, the Turkish Intelligence asked the factions’ commanders to keep their militiamen on standby for transporting new batches to Libya on request.

On the other hand, nearly 140 mercenaries are being prepared for being sent back to Turkey and then to Syria in the incoming hours.

This development comes two days after the return of 300 Turkish-backed mercenaries to Syria, amid reports of the start of registering the names of new recruits to be sent to Libya for monthly salaries of 500 USD each.

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