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Second anniversary of Turkish invasion on NE Syria | Sere Kaniye IDPs Committee releases campaign under the slogan “Back Safe Without Occupation”

The committee of the displaced people of Ras al-Ain “Sere Kaniye IDPs” held a conference in Washu Kani camp, which accommodates displaced people who fled from the fierce battles during “Peace Spring” Operation in al-Twinah town in al-Hasakah countryside, on the second anniversary of the occupation of Sere Kaniye city and other areas in north east Syria by Turkish forces and the factions of the “National Army”. During the conference, the committee stated “For the past two years, our city, Sere Kaniye, has been still suffering under the oppression of the Turkish occupation and the violations of the factions of the National Army which are seeking for change the region’s demography.”


Sere Kaniye IDPs also called upon the US and Russian administrations not to abandon their responsibilities and obligations regarding the areas which are under the Turkish occupation in light of the ongoing violations and disastrous humanitarian situation of the displaced people in this region.


At the end of the conference, the committee announced about the main events of the program of the campaign it would release as follows:


  • Starting a campaign for collecting signatures from the displaced people of Ras al-Ain.


  • Releasing a hash tag “#We_Remain_and_Return”.


  • Starting a community symposium be attended by the displaced people of Sere Kaniye in the camp with the aim to shed light on the situation of the displaced people in the past two years.


  • Staging a vigil by the families of the “martyrs”, injured people and the missing, who are living in Washu Kani camp.


  • Starting other events aiming to shed light on the violations committed against the indigenous inhabitants who remained in Ras al-Ain.


  • Sending protest notes to the International Coalition, Russia and United Nations.


On October 4, SOHR sources reported that the second annual anniversary of launching the Peace Spring operation which was the military operation that was launched by the Turkish forces with the Syrian National Army in north and northeast Syria against the SDF that has led to the first control on the region after it had deported its inhabitants and since then the forces were spreading chaos and insecurity till today.


Ongoing humanitarian crisis due to Peace Spring operation


The humanitarian crisis for the displaced due to the Peace Spring operation has continued with nearly 300,000 displaced and deported from their cities and villages in Tal Abyad and Ras al-Ain and other areas east Euphrates at the Turkish-Syrian border within the areas under control of the Turkish forces and factions of the National army likewise what happened after deporting the population of Afrin in March 2018.


The displaced population in Ras al-Ain and Tal Abyad and other areas under the control of the Turkish forces and factions of the National Army who have been distributed in displacement centers and others have been living for the second consecutive year in their relatives’ houses and others in camps under control of the SDF.




No return for secured zones


Amid repeated Turkish talk about return of many of the Syrians to what is named as secured zones in north al-Hasakah and al-Raqqa within the areas under control of the Turkish forces and factions of the Peace Spring, SOHR hasn’t recorded return of indigenous inhabitants during in two years of control due to the large violation by National Army factions against the people and chaos that spread the region out of explosions, assassination operations and armed fight on daily bases between the factions and on particular Ras al-Ain city that is inhabited by civilians from Arab, Kurdish, Armenian and Assyrian either by returning to concept of the secured zone that is sued by the Turkish government as a pretext. SOHR has documented during the past two years that the Turkish government has returned thousands of Syrians to Ras al-Ain and Tal Abyad who have been deported by the Turkish government forcibly from Turkey in light of its campaign against the Syrian refugees stationed in its lands.




Ongoing demographic change


The Turkish forces will continue the demographic change operation in the areas under its control in north Syria via the Spring Peace operation via allowing families of the proxy factions members of bringing their families to the areas of the Olive Branch and Euphrates Shield and localize them there. The fighters who are allowed to bring their families from different Syrian areas that have encountered deportation of its fighters based on the Russian-Turkish deals.




Growing fighting, looting, thugs


Since the control of the Turkish forces and the National factions in October, the Turkey-baked factions have carried out violations against the civilians. Similar to what happened in Afrin, financial levies have been imposed by the factions-led security checkpoints, the confiscation of properties of the deported and the arrets against the population on charges of dealing or spying with the former Autonomous Administration as well as the cases of arresting the civilians for unknown reasons.


Ras al-Ain city in special has witnessed large differences between the armed factions the controls the city and its villages where heavy weapons were used during the fighting over the simplest differences which are contradicted with the Turkish talk that the secured zone has become ready for the return of Syrians.




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