The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

New attacks | Violent explosions hit al-Bokamal on the Syria-Iraq border, along with flights by drones over the region

SOHR activists have reported violent explosions in al-Bokamal city in east Deir Ezzor countryside, in areas under the control of Iranian-backed militias in west Euphrates region near the Syria-Iraq border. The explosions coincided with flights by drones over the region, amid unconfirmed reports of a new attack on the Iranian-backed militias’ positions in the region.


Earlier today, SOHR activists reported that four separate attacks by unidentified drones were documented from September 3 to October 8, as unidentified drones escalated their attacks in the recent time on positions in the Iranian-backed militias on the Syria-Iraq border and nearby areas in the west Euphrates region, the Iranian “colony” in Syria. It is worth noting that neither Israel nor the International Coalition claimed responsibility of any of drone attacks during this period. However, SOHR sources suggest that these attacks were carried out by US drones, and that Washington didn’t claim responsibility of the attack as it didn’t want to engage in an open warfare with Iranian-backed militias in Syrian territory.


During this period, from September 3 to October 8, SOHR activists have documented the death of three Iranian-backed Iraqi militiamen, the injury of over 15 militiamen of various nationalities, some seriously, and the destruction of six targets.


Further details of these four attacks could be summarised as follows:


  • September 4: unidentified drones attacked three trucks of the Iraqi Popular Mobilization Forces near the Syria-Iraq border in al-Bokamal countryside. The attacked destroyed the trucks and left three militiamen dead and others injured.


  • September 27: Unidentified drones struck al-Mazare’ area in al-Mayadeen desert, which hosts the largest gathering of Iranian-backed militias in the west Euphrates region, destroying Iranian-made surface-to-surface missiles launchpads that had been established by the Iranian-backed militias in that region. Moreover, the attack and rockets’ shrapnel wounded at least 12 pro-Iran non-Syrian militiamen, and they were taken to al-Shefaa hospital which is affiliated to these militias in al-Mayadeen city. Meanwhile, the targeted site was cordoned off and the Iranian-backed militias were seen on high alert.


  • September 30: Observatory activists reported hearing several explosions in Deir Ezzor countryside, near the Syria-Iraq, caused by an attack by unidentified drone on positions of the Iranian-backed militias in the region. According to SOHR sources, the drone was seen flying in the region this evening and targeted positions in al-Katef area near al-Bokamal city with two missiles at lease. Meanwhile, the Iranian-backed militiamen attempted to shot down the drone with heavy machineguns.


  • October 8: Fires broke out in some military headquarters of Iranian-backed militias nearby Aiysha hospital in al-Bokamal city in Deir Ezzor countryside, after an unidentified drone attacked these headquarters. The drone attack coincided with the sound of heavy gunfire in al-Bokamal city, as the Iranian-backed militias were attempting to shot down the drone using anti-aircraft machineguns. Meanwhile, the Iranian-backed militias were seen on high alert in al-Bokamal city on the Syria-Iraq border, amid unconfirmed reports of shooting down the drone after the attack. On the same day, SOHR activists reported hearing other explosions in positions of Iranian-backed militias near the Syria-Iraq border.