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To press Turkey to withdraw from Ras al-Ain and Tal Abyad | Activists launch campaign of “safe return without occupation” and hand protest memo to international organizations

The committee of the displaced people of Ras al-Ain has launched on Oct. 8 a campaign under “safe return without occupation” in the second anniversary for the Turkish forces and its proxies control on the two cities of Ras al-Ain in al-Hasakah countryside and Tal Abyad in north al-Raqqa.

In light of the activities of the committee today, it has present protest memo officially to the refugees commission in the UN in al-Qamishly city and another copy to the International Coalition in al-Hasakah city as well as handing a copy to the foreign relations circuit in the Autonomous Administration to hand it to the Russian Foreign Ministry.

The committee aimed at demanding those bodies of pressing the Turkish forces and its proxies to withdraw from those areas to ensure safe return of the refugees.

A delegation of the committee has visited the foreign committee department in the Autonomous Administration and the spokesperson of the committee said “the tasks of the committee are to deliver the voice of the displaced people to the international bodies and to give pressures for exist of mercenaries of the Turkish occupation from the occupied city.”

Spokesperson of the committee has delivered a memo to the co-chairman of the foreign relations department that stipulates: “to his excellency, Russian Foreign Minister, Lavrov, the Turkish occupation policies are rejected in Siri Kaniye, so we demand stopping those policies and behaviors and the demographic changes as it constitutes violation to the international documents and treaties that protect lives of the citizens.”

The memo added that “the people in Afrin, Ras al-Ain, Tal Abyad and the other occupies areas have witnessed crisis due to the military operations that have been conducted by the Turkish forces and its allied factions that are led by members who are affiliated to ISIS and al-Qaeda. After two years of occupations and series of violations, we found out that what Turkey has done is contradicting the principles of human rights, human values and international treaties and charters as well as the agreements that Turkey has signed no to threaten peace and security of the neighboring countries.”

From here, we, the representatives of the elected committee of the displaced people of Ras al-Ain, appeal to your excellency to aid the people of north and east Syria in general and Ras al-Ain in particular and to give pressures to Turkey and its loyal armed factions to withdraw from Ras al-Ain and the rest of the occupied Syrian cities as you are guarantor of the stability and to abide with your commitment to ensures safe return for the indigenous people and their properties. We are completely trust you wouldn’t bear any efforts to meet our legitimate demands.”