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Israeli attack death update | Nine member of Iran-backed factions killed in east Homs

Israeli attack death update | Nine member of Iran-backed factions killed in east Homs
Casualties of Israeli attack on east Homs countryside rises to nine, including four member of the regime forces and identity of the other three isn’t known so far whether they are Syrians working under control of Iran-backed factions or non-Syrians loyal to Iran.

It is worth noting that the Israeli attack has targeted posts and centers of the Iranian factions including a center for training and tower for communication, some kilometers west of Palmyra and east of al-Tifour Military Airport. The attack also left wounded people, some in sever conditions and the targeted posts were destroyed.

Earlier, SOHR activists reported hearing several explosions in the region of T4 military airbase in the eastern countryside of Homs, caused by airstrikes executed by Israeli fighter jets while flying over the Iraqi- Syria-Jordan border triangle. The airstrikes hit several Iranian-backed militias’ centres, including a training centre and a communication tower, a few kilometres to the east of T4 airbase and to the west of Palmyra city. However, no further details have been reported yet about the number of casualties and material damage caused by the recent attack.

Although some Israeli missiles reached their targets, the regime air-defences managed to intercept several other missiles.

This attack comes four days after another attack by unidentified drones on the same military airbase.

SOHR sources in west Euphrates had confirmed death of four members of Iran-backed factions due to air strikes that were conducted via unknown jets till the moment on the frontlines of those factions in al-Bokamal region near the Iraqi-Syrian borders in east Deir Ezzor yesterday night. The death included a Syrian national while the nationality and identity of the other three are not known till now.