Rocket fire | Violent attacks hit Turkish posts in Jabal al-Zawuiyah in south Idlib • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Rocket fire | Violent attacks hit Turkish posts in Jabal al-Zawuiyah in south Idlib

Idlib province: SOHR activists have reported that heavy rocket attack hit Turkish forces in Banien village where ten Turkish posts are stationed in Jabal al-Zawuiyah in south Idlib. But no casualties have been reported yet.

Yesterday, SOHR activists reported that the Turkish forces completed the process of establishing new military checkpoint in the south part of Idlib countryside, especially in Banien village at the eastern foothill of Jabal al-Zawiyah that overlooked the international autuostrade on the opposite side of Ma’arah al-No’aman.

The Turkish forces started working on that checkpoint one week ago and finished it in the past few hours, at the road of Ma’arh al-Noaman-Ariyha road. The checkpoint is part of a plan to close and monitor the basic roads as the Turkish forces did before in Saraqib.

On Oct. 10, SOHR activists reported that the Turkish forces established new military post in Aafes town near Saraqeb and M4 autostrad in east Idlb. The new post included two tanks, four vehicles for transferring soldiers, three armored and 50 soldiers.

The new post was established after the former messages that was delivered by Russia to Turkey to evacuate the Turkish positions in the area between Saraqeb city, and Idlib city in parallel with the M4 autodtrade in eat Idlib.

It also coincided with the arrival of military reinforcement of the regime forces in Saraqeb city and the Turkish army later has deployed its forces and enhanced it with tanks and armored vehicle long the frontlines in Saraqeb city and Jabal al-Zawiyah, west Aleppo countryside and raised the readiness of the soldiers. Such recent moves by the Turkish side in the de-escalation area proved that the political matter between the Russians and the Turks hasn’t been settled yet and the clashes between the two sides are still existed in the areas agreed upon between Erdoghan and Putin.

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