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Deir Ezzor | Member of ISIS cell killed in today’s security campaign by SDF and Coalition

Deir Ezzor province: SOHR sources have reported that a member of an ISIS cell after being shot by Syria Democratic Forces, while attempting to arrest him during the security campaign launched by the International Coalition and SDF, in the early morning, in al-Zarr village in the eastern countryside of Deir Ezzor. It is worth noting that eight people, including three people of one family, two of another family and the head of al-Zarr village, were arrested during the campaign for “belonging to ISIS”.


According to SOHR sources, the security campaign came to an end after the arresting of these people and the killing of the member of the ISIS cell following exchange of gunfire between the member and the security forces.


SOHR sources in east Euphrates region reported earlier this morning that the International Coalition and Syria Democratic Forces launched a new security campaign in the east of Deir Ezzro. According to the sources,  joint forces stormed al-Zarr village in the early hours of Saturday morning, arresting over eight people, including three people of one family and two of another family, for “belonging to ISIS”. Meanwhile, Coalition helicopters were flying over the region.


On October 11, SOHR sources reported that the security forces continued arrest operations that targeted ISIS cells members in east Euphrates and near the Iraqi-Syrian borders.


On the other hand, two explosions were heard in al-Hagnah village in north Deir Ezzor countryside that coincided with raids by the SDF escorted by the International Coalition and amid scouting helicopters hovering. The campaign arrested a member whose is likely one of ISIS leaders.


Meanwhile, SOHR activists documented security alert near the border line of Syria with Iraq between al-Shadady and al-Hasakah in north Syria which coincided with running a joint security operation between the International Coalition, the SDF and the Iraqi forces at the border line.

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