Initial death toll | Over 20 people killed and injured in regime artillery fire on Sarmada • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Initial death toll | Over 20 people killed and injured in regime artillery fire on Sarmada

Idlib province: SOHR sources have documented the death of three people, including one police officer at least, due to bombardment with five shells carried out by regime forces, which targeted the police station and civil registry in Sarmada city on the Syria border with Iskenderun region as well as a makeshift camp in the east of the city.


The regime’s artillery fire also left nearly 15 people injured, including civilians, who were taken to field clinics in the area, which may raise the death toll.


A few hours ago, Observatory activists reported the arrival of new military reinforcement, including tens of buses carrying soldiers, tanks and rocket launchers, brought in by regime forces to Maarrat al-Nu’man area, the frontlines in Jabal al-Zawiyah in southern Idlib and Saraqeb in the east of Idlib on the M4 highway.


The arrival of this reinforcement coincided with reports circulated by the Syrian regime’s media outlets regarding an imminent battle in Idlib at the same time when “Erdogan” talked about an imminent military operation in areas under the control of the Autonomous Administration in north Syria. These simultaneous developments indicated that an agreement that may be reached secretly between “Putin” and “Erdogan” stipulating for bargaining areas in Idlib with areas in north and north-east Syria region.


We, at the Syrian Observatory, warn against a looming humanitarian disaster in the case that regime forces start a large-scale military operation, with Russian support, in Jabal al-Zawiyah and Idlib city, especially since the city of Idlib and surrounding areas to Jabal al-Zawiayh host over one million and a half displaced people from various Syrian areas.

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