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After threats to launch large-scale military operation | Regime forces and Russian military police enter al-Jiza

New reconciliation deals start soon in other areas on Syria-Jordan border

Daraa province: After the regime’s threats to launch large-scale military operation in al-Jiza town in the eastern countryside of Daraa over the rejection of militiamen of the 8th Brigade of the Russian-backed fifth Corps of striking new reconciliations, regime forces escorted by patrols of Russian military police entered the town this morning and inspected several houses.


This development comes as a part of the implementation of the agreement with the towns dignitaries. Meanwhile, striking new reconciliation deals in al-Ghariyah al-Sharqiyah, al-Ghariyah al-Gharbiyah and Kherbet Ghazalah towns are expected to start so soon, as regime forces have established a centre in the al-Ghariyah al-Sharqiyah for stiking the new reconciliations.


Yesterday, SOHR activists reported that dozens of residents of al-Jizah town in the eastern Daraa countryside refused to hand over their personal weapons, after their names came in the lists provided by the Security Committee through the town dignitaries It is worth noting that most of the names in the list were affiliated to the Russian-backed 5th Corps.


On the other hand, tribal dignitaries set up a meeting to convince wanted suspects to hand over their weapons and spare the town unnecessary war. However negotiations continued between tribes and wanted suspects.


Security Committee threatened to storm the town by force after the end of the provided time limit, which extends till tomorrow 09:00 am.


SOHR activists had reported that the regime forces and its security services imposed complete security cordon on al-Jisaha town at the border with Jordan in east Daraa countryside over differences between the security committee and dignitaries over number of the weapons wanted to be handed over.


Some threats were directed to the population by the security committee for running military process on al-Jizaha town in case demands of the regime weren’t met. A time limit was given till today evening, while a meeting in east al-Karak town stared striking settlements for the wanted and weapons handing.


A day earlier, completing settlement process in Daraa province with Russian meditation, SOHR activists reported that the regime forces have started false searching operations for some houses in al-Gizah town in east Draa countryside to pave the road for settling conditions of the wanted.


The regime forces started the process of settling the conditions of the wanted in al-Misifirah town in east Daraa that coincided with similar operations in Kaheel, Syda and al-Na’imah neighborhood after some members of the Russian-backed 5th Corps rejected to strike reconciliations.


On Thursday, SOHR activists reported that the security committee of the Syrian regime has demanded the dignitaries of al-Ghariya al-Sharqiya town in the eastern Daraa countryside provide a list of the names of the security suspects in the town and to approve the entry of regime forces to the town like in the other towns and cities of the eastern countryside.


On October 11, Russian military police demanded militant groups that its members claimed their affiliation to Liwa 8th in Syda, al-Naeimah and Kaheel towns to hand over their weapons.