Bread crisis | Long lines in front of bread bakeries continue in regime-controlled areas, while the price of pack of bread reaches 1,500 SYL • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Bread crisis | Long lines in front of bread bakeries continue in regime-controlled areas, while the price of pack of bread reaches 1,500 SYL

Despite the Syrian regime’s statements regarding the “easing of the bread crisis”, long lines in front of bread bakeries in regime-controlled areas throughout Syria are still topping the events. Meanwhile, the pack of bread has reached 1,500 SYL.


In this context, SOHR sources in al-Quraya town in al-Suwaidaa have reported protests by the residents in front of bread bakeries, in the past two days, over the mechanism of selling bread to the locals via smart cards, especially since many of these residents could not get their bread due to the congestion and chaos in the bread bakeries. However, gunmen of “Rejal al-Karama Movement” (Men of Dignity) interfered and forced the bread bakeries’ owners to sell bread to the residents without asking for the smart cards.


It is worth noting that the people in regime-held areas are struggling with other chronic crises, including the lack of basic products like rice, sugar, cooking oil and others, the poor transportation service and the power outages for long time, as electricity is available for only one hour in every 11 hours in most of the areas controlled by the Syrian regime. Meanwhile, regime government is still unable to put an end to these crises at a time when it is preoccupied only with its show and propaganda, claiming that the regime forces could “defeat terrorism” and that “Syria has become safe” and calling for the return of the Syrian refugees, who have been already fled from the military operations, regime repression and the lack of minimum levels of basic livelihood. In fact, legal and illegal immigrations have been escalated greatly in the recent time, despite the challenges the refugees face in asylum countries.


On October 15, The industry sector in Aleppo city has suffered lack of services and electricity while the security services still impose financial levies on the manufacturers to let them produce.


Thought the regime has been repeating several times the work manufacturers via qualifying the electricity damaged network due to the war and securing their services, but the reality is completely different.


The manufacturers and owners of labs complain in al-Yarmoon, al-Sheukh Nagar, al-Ramousah of the debris spreading around their labs in addition to the levies imposed by the security regime services on monthly and weekly base amid hiking cost of the production because the labs owners are forced to buy the diesel from the black market due to the electricity blackout in their workshops and not receiving subsidized fuel from the government


The regime security services impose levies on the cars loaded with goods of the industrial zones as well as going routinely to the owners of labs for taking weekly and monthly salaries as salaries and allocations.


According to SOHR, many manufacturers have closed their workshops recently due to the problems that face and the absence of services, which forces some of hem to leave to Egypt.


While on September 16, SOHR sources reported that the migration and visa buildings are crowded in the Syrian provinces with queues of Syrians who desire taking a visa to leave the country for different directions, mostly to Egypt, because it is one of the few countries that receives Syrians in a scene that is similar to the Syrian largest wave of migrations in 2013.


This time the migration is getting more difficult and with higher costs than before, an indication that the country is no more good for living amid the ruling current regime


Recently, visa requests to Egypt increased due to the easiness to get it while the country has been suffering economic crisis that reached its peak.


According to SOHR sources, the requests for migration to Egypt are unbelievable and the air reservation from Syria to Egypt area booked for two months and new reservations are not available.


Not just to Egypt, dozens of young men and families who seek migration enter the factions-controlled areas in north west and north east Syria to flee the regime security grip and the hard living conditions aiming to reach Turkey despite of the obstacles imposed by the Turkish government on the Syrians who desire to enter, but most of them consider Turkey as a crossing station to Europe in illegal way despite the rising costs and the difficult conditions for reaching Europe.

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