New joint patrol | Russian and Turkish forces tour village in Ain al-Arab countryside (Kobani) • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

New joint patrol | Russian and Turkish forces tour village in Ain al-Arab countryside (Kobani)

Aleppo province: SOHR sources have reported seeing Russian and Turkish forces running a new routine joint patrol in Ain al-Arab countryside (Kobani). The patrol which comprised eight Russian and Turkish vehicles set off from Ghareeb village near the border crossing with Turkey, to the east of Kobani, and toured the villages and towns of Qarrah Mough, Jayshan, Kharabisan Tahtani, Etoyran Tahtani, and Baghdik. The patrol reached Khanah Bandarkhan in the western countryside of al-Raqqah, before it returned to the starting point, then the Russian vehicles returned to their base in the broadcast centre in western Kobani. It is worth noting that this patrol, which was escorted by two Russian helicopters, was the 76th joint patrol in the region since a ceasefire agreement was reached in north-east Syria region between the Russians and the Turks.


On October 11, SOHR sources reported that the Russian military police ran joint patrol with the Turkish forces in Ain al-Arab. The patrol, composed of eight Turkish and Russian military police from Aashma village some 20 km western Ain al-Arab. The patrol tour has coincided with hovering of two Russian helicopters in the region.


The joint patrol toured the villages of Fawqany, Deikmdash, Khourkhouri, Youban, Saftik, and Joul Beok until reaching the village of Tal Shaier some four km west Ain al-Arab city.


It returned back to A’ashma village, passing through Sousan, Qoula, Qourah Qawi, Tahatany, Beinder, Jebnah and Garqly Fawqany.

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