Aleppo | Six Turkish-backed factions merge under the leadership of the 3rd corps • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Aleppo | Six Turkish-backed factions merge under the leadership of the 3rd corps

Aleppo province: SOHR activists have reported that six Turkish-backed factions including al-Jabha al-Shamiyah, Jaish al-Islam, al-Magd Division, 51 Division, Malek Shah Division and Liwaa Islam have merged under ranks of the 3rd corps of the “National Army”, in Turkish-held areas.

On early October, SOHR sources said that seven factions of the Turkish-backed National Army announced the formation of “Tha’eroun Movement” under the leadership of “Azm” unified operations room in the areas under the control of Turkish forces and the factions of the National Army in Aleppo countryside. The new movement has comprised Liwaa al-Shamal, the 9th Division, Liwaa al-Muntaser, Sultan Murad, al-Sham Corps, the 112th Brigade and Thowwar al-Sham.

It is worth noting that the unified operations room of “Azm” was formatted in mid-July, in which it comprised at that time al-Jabha al-Shamiyyah, Sultan Murad Division and other Turkish-backed factions.

On September 9, SOHR sources reported that several factions operating under the Turkish-backed National Army announced about a new military formation dubbed the “Syrian Liberation Front”, at Turkish Intelligence’s orders. The new military formation comprises the factions of al-Mu’tasem Division, al-Hamza Division, the 20th Division, Suqur al-Sham Brigade, Sultan Suleiman Shah Division (al-Amshat) and other factions. The recently-formed alliance followed the formation of “Azm” operations room in mid-July, which many of factions operated under its banner split from, after rivalries among them.

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