The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

From Iraq | Trucks carrying raw materials used for manufacturing explosives arrive in Iranian-backed militias’ headquarters in al-Mayadeen

Reliable SOHR sources have monitored trucks carrying boxes with raw materials in them used for manufacturing IEDs and mortars crossing from Iraq into Syria, as the convoy headed to the military headquarters of Iranian-backed militias in al-Mayadeen desert, particularly al-Mazare’ area which is the capital of the Iranians in west Euphrates region.


On October 16, reliable sources informed the Syrian Observatory that al-Nujabaa Movement which is affiliated to the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps started to prepare a factory for manufacturing mortars, launchpads of surface-to-surface missiles and bullets of various calibers. The factory is located in a farm belonging to people who are living abroad, seized previously by Iranian-backed militias, on the outskirts of Maadan city in the eastern countryside of al-Raqqah province.