Testimonies for SOHR | Hundreds of education volunteers in Idlib schools wait for solutions to end their sufferings • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Testimonies for SOHR | Hundreds of education volunteers in Idlib schools wait for solutions to end their sufferings

Lots of teachers in Idlib schools are stuck between getting monthly fixed salary, even if the amount is symbolic to meet his family demands and their desire to teach the Syrian children who were displaced by the war destruction and took them far dorm their original schools. The teachers who voluntarily in schools of Idlib and its countryside without salary while humanitarian organizations and concerned bodies are turning their eyes blind.

Debts and burdens accumulate on shoulders of “H.R.”, a teacher who has started his second year of teaching on one the schools of Deir Hassan camps as a volunteer with unfulfilled promises of an organization to bear the salaries of the school.

In his testimony for SOHR, he said after being displaced from his region in north Hama, he started to search for work in one of the schools to meet his needs and the requirements of the displacement. The road brought him to work as an Arabic teacher in one the non-governmental schools as a volunteer hoping that one of the concerned organizations with the education affairs will support the school.

He added that the second academic year started and no body presented any financial support amid deteriorated living conditions and his inability to endure more burdens of meeting his four-member family needs.

According to the teacher, on organization has promised to pay salaries of the teachers but they were not serious.

He referred to the double standard concerning the educational institutions in general and the oppression that face the male and female teachers, there are some schools that pay a salary valued at 250 USD especially for the private schools. On the other hand, there are many teachers who don’t receive salary and just work on hope to receive monthly in the future or because of their desire to educate the children.

He reiterated in best conditions, the teachers receive food baskets by organizations or educations directorates that their officials are receiving monthly large salaries. “H.R.” expressed his discontent about the reality of the education in north Syria that indicated an intention not to develop the education.

Meanwhile, “M.A.”, another teacher who lives in north Idlib said there is a strategy in the education directorate in Idlib that coordinate among the supporting organizations and the surrounding schools across Idlib and its countryside adding that method directs support of the schools located in the highly-populated areas which has impacted largely many schools that have received support.

He added that only in Atamah in north Idlib countryside, there are above 30 unsubsidized schools in Kafr Takhareem, Slaqeen, Amenaz and Hazem are not subsidized because the Salivation Government has merged the education ministry headquarters in Hama with its peer in Idlib after the regime has controlled wide scale of areas that included the countryside of north and west Hama and have directed the teachers who have been working in Hama to other schools in the region.

He expressed his sadness to the conditions that the teachers have been encountering in Idlib and its countryside schools, adding that the teachers wait for one of the organizations or the charity associations to provide a basket of food or a symbolic salary.

However, the education directorate in Idlib has justified via one of its employees to SOHR that lack of subsidy for many schools in Idlib and its countryside could be attributed to the policies of the organizations supporting the field of education, noting that role of the directorate in limited only to coordinating the fund coming from theses organizations to the schools.

He added that when an organization came to boost the education in Idlib, it will be only implemented via an integrated project, explaining that any organization is the body that determines the schools it seeks to fund and then the directorate gives some instructions to the funding body to work with certain schools based on specified criteria like for example number of the students and the high population in some areas.

The education official said the directorate couldn’t impose pressure on those organizations to avoid the retreat for support. He also denied any intervention by HTS in the education affairs of cutting part of the support provided by the education organizations in Idlib.

The education sector in Idlib and its countryside suffer shortage of capabilities and the educations workers complain the low salaries and the competition between the schools of the education directorate and the private schools. The latest bloody events in the country have caused many students to leave their schools due to the hard living conditions of their families.

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