SOHR: Because of a statement about Kavala .. Turkey summons the ambassadors of 10 countries • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

SOHR: Because of a statement about Kavala .. Turkey summons the ambassadors of 10 countries

The Turkish forces began training 200 fighters of the armed Syrian opposition to use thermal anti-armor missiles of all kinds, “within the framework of military preparations to confront any possible military attack”, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, on Monday.

This comes after events in several Syrian regions near the border with Turkey, most notably the killing of two Turkish special forces policemen in an anti-armor missile attack in the countryside of Aleppo, last week.

Also, the Turkish state of Gaziantep announced last week that the border village of Qarkamish was bombarded with rocket-propelled grenades that were said to have come from areas under the control of the (Kurdish) People’s Protection Units in the Ain al-Arab (Kobani) region, which the latter denied in a statement published by the “Syrian Forces”. democracy”, of which units are the military mainstay.

In light of the regime and the Russians talking about an upcoming battle in Idlib in light of the continued arrival of military reinforcements for the regime forces to the fighting axes in Idlib, and according to the sources of the Syrian Observatory, the Turkish plan aims to train Syrian fighters on anti-armor and armored weapons, and then place them with the Turkish soldiers or provide them To the front lines to deal with military conditions without the need for Turkish forces to bring in their soldiers.

The observatory had indicated on the second of October that “the command of the Turkish forces within the “de-escalation” area circulated to its forces by direct response to the sources of fire in the event that any Turkish site or point was bombed by the regime’s gangs.”

“Patience is running out”… Erdogan’s threats herald a new operation in northern Syria

Erdogan did not specify what the “elimination of threats” is, or the areas that the “military operation might target”, while Turkish security and defense experts spoke on Tuesday that the coming days may actually witness military operations.

However, it “informed the factions responsible for artillery and missiles not to indiscriminately target regime sites or areas of control except after reviewing the Liaison Committee and taking the coordinates from it.” About the use of heavy weapons in case the area is attacked by the regime, according to the observatory.

The observatory indicated that the Turkish artillery is present in seven main points, and all of them contain mortars of various calibers to deal immediately with any attack targeting these centers.




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