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SOHR: Turkish gendarmeries torture young men, woman in Syria’s Kobani

 On Monday, three young men and a woman were hit and tortured by Turkish gendarmeries (border guards) while attempting to pass into Turkish territory near the village of Qarah Mogh, 18 kilometers east of Kobani city, northern Syria.

The three young men and the woman arrived in Kobani Hospital with their bodies bearing traces of torture and bruises, a medical source of the hospital said.

Each of the 18-year-old Khaled Jasem Muhammad, the 20-year-old Ahmad Jum’a Jasem of Sirrin, the 25-year-old Mustafa Ahmad al-Ali of Manbij, and the 33-year-old Shamsa Muhammad, who are of Arab community, arrived in the hospital and they received first aid, the source told North Press.

In light of the lack of other ways to reunite their families or secure a job to meet their needs, most of those, who try to pass into Turkey, resort to dangerous smuggling routes.

The number of those, who were killed by bullets of the Turkish gendarmeries since the eruption of the Syrian war, has reached 478 civilians including 87 minors, according to Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

On September 27, a farmer of a village in the countryside of Kobani was wounded with a gunshot to the shoulder by the Turkish gendarmeries while he was walking on his land near the Syrian-Turkish border.



Source: North Press

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