The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Security breach in Damascus based on Turkish-Russian deal | New attacks in Damascus left 20 casualties

Damascus province: SOHR activists have reported that security regime forces have partially opened al- Jisr al-Ra’es Road in the middle of Damascus after all the branch streets leading to that road have been closed due to the explosion, in the morning, of a bus carrying regime soldiers after detonations of two IEDs. The explosion left at least 14 soldiers dead and four other wounded.

It is worth noting that the bridge is a meeting point between al-Barakamah and Abou Romanah. According to SOHR, the regime forces have cordoned off the area by establishing checkpoints and carefully check the by-passer.

Earlier, SOHR activists had reported hearing two explosions in the capital, Damascus, caused by detonating twin IEDs in a bus carrying regime soldiers near Jisr al-Ra’es in Damascus city centre in the early morning. The explosion left at least 14 soldiers dead. While the death toll is expected to rise further as the attack left several persons injured, some seriously. There are unconfirmed reports of more casualties. It is worth noting that a third IED that had been set to explode in the same area was dismantled.

The twin explosions are the largest in terms of human losses since the regime has completely controlled Damascus and its countryside in 2018 based on the Turkish-Russian deal and the largest since 2017.

On March 15, 2017, SOHR activists documented death of 45 people, most of them are civilians, when a person detonated himself using an explosive belt in the Justice Palace, which is located in Nasr Street near al-Hamidiyyeh Market in the center of the capital Damascus. The casualties are categorized as: 38 civilians, including a child and female civilian and 14 lawyers and seven others from the police members and guards of the palace.

On March 11, SOHR documented death of at least 54 Syrians and Iraqi Shiaa visitors including eight children under 18 years old and 11 females as well as 20 members of the regime forces and its proxies and 16 members of the regime police and its proxies due to the explosion of explosive device and detonation of an explosive belt in Bab al-Sahghir tomb near al-Shaghour area in central Damascus.

On July 2, 2017, SOHR activists reported death 21 persons in explosion of three cars at the entrance of Damascus city at the road to the airport and in Al-Ghadir Square in Al-‘Amara neighborhood downtown Damascus, including the three who were driving the booby-trapped cars in addition to 7 members of the regime forces and their allied militiamen.

On August 4, 2021, SOHR activists reported an explosion of a bus transferring regime forces members and its proxy factions in Damascus in the early hours of Wednesday in the area of the Guards Buildings in Damur area in northwest Damascus which left material and physical losses. At least four were wounded and killed till the moment and the bus was completely sat a blaze.