Amid threats to launch military operation in Idlib | Salvation government to establish military college in Idlib • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Amid threats to launch military operation in Idlib | Salvation government to establish military college in Idlib

The Salvation Government issued a new statement in Idlib to establish military college that aims at training its students and graduating qualified graduated to serve in line of the fighting military formations.

According to SOHR, the military college is affiliated to the cabinet in the Salvation Government directly according to the decree.

The Salvation Government said in its statement on Oct. 20, that the decision of forming a military college was based on the requirements of the public interest and the resolution of the Syrian conference that was issued on sept. 21, 2017 and decree 2 of the Shura Council. That college will be tasked with the military affairs and its administration will be assigned to a chairman appointed by head of the Salvation Government cabinet.

The decision stated that the new college will be financially and administratively independent with separate budget that will be part of the Salvation Government cabinet budget.

The decision carried the signature of the Salvation Government cabinet, engineer Aly keda and it was issued in March, but has been circulated on the social media on Oct. 20.

The sudden and new decision has met with wave of criticism from the Syrians via the social media who consider it unnecessary step by the Salvation Government, the current executive wing in the HTS-held areas, while some have spoken about other achievements that should be accomplished by the government instead of establishing a military college like reducing the prices and aiding he displaced people in the camps and stop imposing taxes on the civilians and improving the living conditions in Idlib areas and its countryside.

Young man “A.M.” who has been displaced from west Hama countryside in Deir Hassan in north Idlib countryside doesn’t exclude that step which is a preliminary step for imposing the obligatory recruitment that has been mentioned by the Salvation Government and HTS in former decisions and procedures.

“A.M.” told the SOHR that the decision was taken in unsuitable time while the region lives on hot plate and has been being under attack continuously, adding that the college will be a target for the Russian airplanes and will endanger lives of its students.

He expressed his astonishment about the timing of the decision that was issued while the region is suffering tragic living conditions in light of no solutions have been presented by the Salvation Government. “Certainly, the person who issued the decision is totally separated from the bad reality that Idlib people are living,” he added.

He referred to the Russian and the regime planes that hover the sky of Idlib and commit massacres with no reactions.

Such changes the constitute restructure of the military arrangements are not the first of its kind. On May 9, a corps of the HTS has established “Recruitment the people” to substitute the sessions of training among its lines where eight recruitment branches have been established in Atamah, Haraam, Ariha, Jiser al-Shour and Sarmada and the center of Idlib city

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