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Factional clashes in Afrin| Member of Turkish Intelligence-backed faction died of wounds in hospital

Aleppo province: A member of the factions working in the Olive Branch area has died of wounds he sustained previously.

According to the sources, the dead fighter was belonging to the Turkish Intelligence-backed al-Sham Corps of stabs he received during bladed weapons fight among gunmen of al-Sham Corps and other persons in front of one of the bakeries in Janderis neighborhood in the past week.

His brother and a third person were also wounded in the fight.

Three members of Turkey-backed al-Sham Crops wounded in knife attack by member of Jaish al-Sharqiyah faction in Jandarus neighborhood in Afrin countryside due to clashes and verbal differences between a member of Jaish al-Sharqiya and members of al-Sham crops. The differences have turned into bladed weapons fight.