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Polygamy association seeks license | Local council in E’zaz rejects

Local municipal in E’zaz city has issued statement to close an office of “Polygamy Association” that was announced to be established recently in the city after the association has claimed receiving the license from the municipal council.

The statement, that has been published on Oct. 21, denied that any license was granted officially in the city several days ago. The claims have stirred wave of discontent among large segment of the civilians in north Syria.

The municipal Council said in its statement “during the past two days, news were circulated via the social medica about the opening of an association named Polygamy in E’azaz city and claims spread about licensing it by the municipal council.”

The council has pointed out that it hadn’t grant such license or any verbal or written approval of the association work.

According to the statement, the licensing process run via the Council of Free Aleppo Province and necessitates special papers and documents about the place and identity of the association office either it is located withing the administrative border of E’azaz city. Accordingly, the council will take the legal measures special for the association and its employees. It also entitled to immediately close and follow all the procedures of the license by the province council.

The statement also stated that “no dignity for women in polygamy.” It added the women have the right to marry and form a family and build life with dignity, but such associations violates values and principles and norms of the Syrian society.”

On the other hand, media official of the association said the dies is working and denied any news about the building closure.

In the past two days, photos of an association that has been established in E’azaz city that carried the name of “Polygamy Association”, which provoked controversial comments on the social media that mostly rejects the association, whose logo is a man holding four women, principle.

The netizens and activists considered the association underestimate the value of the Syrian women and portray it as a mere commodity.

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