“Peace Spring” areas | Turkish forces, regime forces and SDF bring in military reinforcement to Ain Issa frontlines • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

“Peace Spring” areas | Turkish forces, regime forces and SDF bring in military reinforcement to Ain Issa frontlines

Al-Raqqah province: SOHR activists have reported that Turkish forces have brought in military reinforcement, including tanks, artillery pieces, heavy weapons and logistic supplies, to Tel Abyad countryside in the northern countryside of al-Raqqah.


On the other hand, regime forces have brought military in reinforcement and soldiers to Ain Issa frontlines in north al-Raqqah countryside, along with the arrival of military reinforcement of SDF on the frontlines with Turkish-backed factions near al-Tarawzeya village in the east of Ain Issa.


On October 15, SOHR sources reported that Turkish forces targeted positions in Um al-Baramil village and near the international highway “M4” with heavy weapons in Ain Issa countryside in northern al-Raqqha, which caused material damage only.


While on October 14, SOHR activists reported that unidentified drone hit, in the afternoon, al-Harash village stationed under control of the SDF in north al-Raqqa. The air raid has hit the vicinity of a camp in the region.


Earlier, SOHR activists witnessed state of alert across the areas under control of the Autonomous Administration in north and northeast Syria amid escalation of Turkish threats and the Russian green light for anticipated Turkish targeting on those areas.


It is likely that Turkish threats, if implemented, will be air attacks by Turkish drones, on any place suspected of hosting PKK and its leaders or other members of the SDF.


On the other hand, the SDF leadership has announced instructions for its members on October 13, to prevent them from leaving their headquarters in Deri Ezzor, al-Raqqa, al-Shadady and the other areas under its control for three years. All who violates the instructions will be subject to legal military accountability.


According to SOHR activists, the SDF leadership assigned its members to take precautionary measures after receiving information to give Russian green light for the Syrian regime cells and the Turks by targeting the non-Syrian leaders of the SDF.


SOHR activists reported that the Russians press the SDF leaders to make concessions for the Syrian regime. It also allowed the Turkish drones to target foreign leaders of the SDF until Oct. 25 at the border between Syria and Turkey.

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