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Under pretext of boosting Syrian revolution | Al-Majd Crops imposes levies on farmers and al-Hamzah Division presses Afrin population

Aleppo province: SOHR activists have reported that al-Hamzah Division that controls al-Bastoutah village in Shiro neighborhood has pressed the people in Afrin via imposing new levies on the population and on the cars passing the village.

Al-Hamzah Division monthly levies are valued at 100 USD that was known as protection tax. The faction also imposed levies on the farmers by forcing them to pay 2 dollars on every olive tree annually and imposed levies on the passing cars via al-Bastoutah village. Each driver who would like to cross al-Hamzah Division checkpoint shall pay 50 to 100 Turkish lira to allow them passing through the village.

It is worth noting that al-Basoutah village is the vital artillery where hundreds of cars cross daily from and to Euphrates Shield and Olive Branch areas towards the HTS-held areas.

In Bulbul neighborhood al-Majad Crops has imposed levies that valued with 300 oil tanks on the population of the Kila village population in Bulbul neighborhood under pretext of boosting the Syrian Revolution where the economic official of al-Majd Crops has asked on last Thursday the people to pay the levies, 300 oil tanks, to the economic bureau, based on the income of each farmer.

Yesterday, SOHR activists reported that a displaced civilian from eastern Ghouta was injured in the legs, when a member of the 9th Division opened fire on him in Rajo district in Afrin countryside. However, the reasons behind the attack remain unknown.

Meanwhile, the Military Police demanded the 9th Division to hand over the perpetrator, but the 9th Division refused.

On the other hand, the Military Police arrested a woman from “Mist Ashour” village in Ma’batly district on charges of “dealing with the former Autonomous Administration”. However, she later was released, after she struck a reconciliation deal and paid 1,400 Turkish Liras.

On October 1, SOHR activists reported that Liwaa al-Muntasser Be-allah arrested a cleric from Fubeh village in Rajo district, while he was returning to Afrin city from Aleppo city on charges of “dealing with the Awqaf directorate” during the control of the Autonomous Administration of Afrin city. Meanwhile, the cleric was forced to return back to his village.