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Daraa eastern countryside | Explosion of Russian armored vehicle wounded several elements


Daraa province: SOHR activists have reported the explosion of a land mine that targeted Russian armored vehicle while it was passing the Oman-Damascus International Road between Sida and Om al-Mayazen in eastern countryside of Daraa province.

The blast wounded several elements of the Russian forces that were inside the vehicle amid security alert of the regime and the Russian forces in the region. Meanwhile, identity of the group who planted the land mine at the international road remained unknown.

Earlier in the day, SOHR activist reported that the process of implementing items of the deal that had been reached between the regime security committee and dignitaries of Daraa under Russian mediation has been continuing.

According to SOHR, the settlements continue in cities, towns and villages in north and east Daraa especially in al-Sheikj Meskeen, Ezr’a, Baseer al-Hareer and Mahaga and villages of al-Lugah neighborhood. The process of striking reconciliation coincided with handing over the personal weapons and the houses are to be searched later.

Yesterday, SOHR activists reported that the regime forces continued striking settlement in al-Lugah area in northeast Daraa. Striking reconciliation of the wanted in al-Sheikh Miskeen, Azra’a in north Daraa and the settlements will continue in village of al-Lugah organization in the coming few days after a deal was reached with the dignitaries of the region with Russian mediation.

The moves were continued along with settling conditions of the wanted in east countryside of Daraa province. The regime forces later will conclude the file of settlement in Daraa province completely after ending the process in the aforementioned areas that have been preceded with similar activities in Dara al-Balad and countryside of west and central Dara countryside.

SOHR activists had reported, a day earlier, that striking settlement of the wanted by the security services and the deserters of the army service in Mahagha town and some villages and towns of al-Lugha towns in Daraa countryside.

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