SOHR: Shelling targets two sites of the regime forces and its allies in Quneitra • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

SOHR: Shelling targets two sites of the regime forces and its allies in Quneitra

On Saturday, the opposition Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported the assassination of a “prominent figure” who worked for the Lebanese Hezbollah militia in Syria.

The observatory said in a statement that “the so-called RA, who works for the Lebanese Hezbollah, was found dead inside his home in the town of Rankous, on the border with Lebanon, in the western Qalamoun, in the countryside of the capital, Damascus.”

The observatory added that “the dead man is one of the most prominent people working for the Lebanese Hezbollah in the western Qalamoun,” noting that he is one of those responsible for the “Rankos massacre, which killed nine people in January last year in the Damascus countryside governorate.”

He pointed out that “the town of Rankous is witnessing increased security by setting up checkpoints belonging to the Syrian regime forces and other armed militias loyal to the Lebanese Hezbollah in the area after the assassination.”

According to the observatory, the killed person “was at the head of the Syrian regime forces that committed a massacre against nine young men from Rankous’s sons.”

The “massacre” occurred when a Syrian regime force stormed the town of Rankous with tanks and armored vehicles, after information they obtained from an informant that there were armed residents who refused to move to Idlib based on a prior agreement, according to the observatory.

As a result, clashes erupted between the two parties that lasted for several hours, causing the death of an officer in the regime forces and other members, in addition to the killing of nine local gunmen.

Lebanon’s Hezbollah is considered a close ally of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad during the 10-year war.

Hezbollah has maintained a strong presence near the border with Lebanon in Syria for years, helping Assad regain control of several rebel-held towns and villages there.



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