Six days passed on targeting International Coalition base by Qasem Suliamani’s students | International Coalition remains silent amid fear of new attacks • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Six days passed on targeting International Coalition base by Qasem Suliamani’s students | International Coalition remains silent amid fear of new attacks


Six days passed on the first attack of its kind on al-Tanaf base of the International Coalition within the 55-kilometre zone at Jordan-Iraq-Syria border triangle. But no body has claimed responsibility of that attack and the International Coalition in turn hasn’t announced the identity of the attackers.

However, SOHR sources have stressed that drones, that were launched from Iranian-controlled areas inside the Iraqi and Syrian lands, had attacked the base, adding the what is known as operation room of Syrian allies that has been founded by Qasem Suliamani is behind the attack.

The sources added that the attack was ordered directly by Iranian leaders of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards as a first reaction for the Israeli air attack that hit a training centers and communication tower that are several kms far from southwest Palmyra city on Oct. 13.

That attack had left nine killed including five Syrians and SOHR sources stressed that the attack wouldn’t be the last adding that the operation room of Syrian loyal will continue targeting posts and bases of the International Coalition on Syrian lands.

On the other hand, SOHR sources have reported that the International Coalition forces have returned back to al-Tanaf base while routine hover of helicopters continue in the region fearing exposing to another attack.

On Oct, 22, Syrian Observatory activists monitored frequent flights by International Coalition aircraft over the Coalition military base in al-Tanaf in the 55-kilometre zone in the Syrian desert, near the Syria-Jordan-Iraq border triangle. These flights aim to survey and comb the region in the wake of the attack on the base by Iranian drones on Wednesday.

SOHR sources also reported that Coalition Forces returned to the base, hours after they had been deployed nearby the base, just before the Iranian airstrikes. Meanwhile, the members of Jaysh Maghawir al-Thawra have been still positioned in the surrounding areas of the base, and it is expected that the movement will issue a statement about the recent development in the incoming hours.

A day earlier, SOHR sources reported that International Coalition Forces did not return to al-Tanaf military base in the 55-kilometre zone near the Syria-Iraq-Jordan border triangle. Coalition Forces were deployed nearby the base, and it was expected that they would return to the base on that day.

SOHR sources also reported that a group of Jaysh al-Maghawir entered the base and checked the material damage caused by yesterday’s attack by an unidentified drone. Meanwhile, the body carried out this attack remained unknown.

On Oct. 20, SOHR activists reported that explosions were heard in al-Tanf military base of International Coalition in the evening, due to drone shelling on the buffet, a mosque, and the depot of food supply inside the base. It’s unknown yet whether ISIS or Iranian militias were responsible for the shelling. However, no casualties were reported.

SOHR activists reported military alert of Jaish Maghaweer al-Thawra in the evening, in the 55 square kilometers area near al-Tanf base of the International Coalition where British forces were stationed, at the Syrian-Iraqi-Jordanian border.

SOHR sources confirmed that the International Coalition forces and Jaish al-Maghaweer deployed in the vicinity of al-Tanf base, coinciding with information about targeting al-Tanf base with drones, while the armed faction evacuated the base of its vehicles to transport them to other checkpoints which were prepared with mobile medical checkpoints.

It is worth noting that this targeting is the first of its kind for the military base.

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