The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

De-escalation zone | Ongoing missile bombardment by regime forces while Turkish military reinforcement enters Putin-Erdoghan area


Idlib province: SOHR activists have reported the entry of Turkish reinforcement on the morning of Tuesday from Kafr Luceen in north Idlib countryside to the monitoring points located in Idlib province.

The reinforcement is composed of 30 armored vehicles that carried cement blocs, logistics and ammunition.

SOHR activists reported on Oct. 20, SOHR activists reported the entry of a Turkish convoy this evening, through Kafr Lucien crossing in the northern Idlib countryside towards Putin-Erdogan area.

The convoy comprised 20 vehicles including trucks and military vehicles carrying logistic material and cement blocks, which headed towards the Turkish military checkpoints deep in Idlib province.

The Turkish forces’ new reinforcement brings the number of vehicles and military trucks carrying heavy weaponry, including tanks and artillery pieces, which entered “Putin-Erdogan” area after the statements between Russia and Turkey in late September 2021, regarding Idlib province and Turkey’s fears of a surprise military operation by Russian and regime forces on Idlib to 245.

On October 10, SOHR activists reported that a new reinforcement affiliated to the Turkish forces entered Putin-Erdoghan area, where above 100 trucks and vehicles that carried soldiers, logistics and military equipment entered via the crossing of Kafr Louseen at border with Liwaa Eskanroon in north Idlib. The reinforcement moved to the Turkish military points in the southern part of Idlib countryside.