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Clashes escalate in Latakia countryside | HTS captures hill where “Jund Allah” group stationed and arrests jihadists in Jabal al-Turkman

SOHR activists have reported that HTS fighters have captured Abu Aref hill in Jabal al-Turkman, after they had kicked out “Jund Allah” jihadi group.


On the other hand, HTS fighters captured three Chechen jihadists who refused to depart yesterday with the group of Muslim al-Shishani who reached deal with HTS, after mediation by the Turkistan Islamic Party.


Till now, clashes are underway in several positions of Jabal al-Turkman in Latakia countryside, amid unconfirmed reports of fatalities among both sides.


A few hours ago, SOHR activists reported renewal of clashes between HTS from one side and Jond Allh group that includes Jihadist from Turkish and Azerbaijani nationalities and other independent groups that include displaced of east European nationalities on the other in Jabal al-Turkman and hand over the wanted to the judiciary and exchange of conflicting detainees under mediation of Turkistan Islamic Party.


Yesterday, SOHR activists reported that an agreement had been reached between Hayyaat Tahrir al-Sham on one hand, and the groups of Muslim al-Shishani and Mahr al-Dein on the other hand, after mediation by the Turkistan Islamic Party. The agreement stipulated for the departure of the two jihadi groups from Jabal al-Turkman, handing over of suspects swap of prisoners between the conflicting groups.


On the other hand, SOHR activists reported that the clashes and security tension continued in Jabal al-Turkman in the northern countryside of Latakia between HTS on one hand and “Jund Allah” and independent groups from Eastern Europe on the other.


A few hours ago, SOHR activists documented the death of over seven members of “Jund al-Islam” group led by Muslim al-Chechani, “Jund Allah” group which comprises Turkish and Azeri jihadists, and other independent groups comprising fighters from Eastern Europe, while repelling an attack by HTS on Jihadists positions in Jesr al-Shughour and Latakia countryside.


Moreover, HTS lost four fighters at least during the clashes.

Accordingly, the number of fatalities on both sides has reached 11, amid reports of the missing of other jihadists and more fatalities.

In addition, several fighters were injured, some seriously, and were transported to nearby hospitals.


On the other hand, HTS has arrested six members of Muslim al-Chechani’s group and Azeri Turkish jihadists, while jihadists groups managed to arrest 15 members of HTS, while their fate remained unknown.


SOHR activists had reported that HTS elements have captured several posts where Turkish jihadists had been stationed, near al-Limdeya and al-Zaytouna villages in Jabal al-Turkman in Latakia countryside, where “Abu Fatma al-Turkey” group withdrew from several hills in the mountain.


Moreover, HTS fighters managed to capture a sniper and kill other jihadists of the Chechen, Turkish and Azeri groups which holed up in several positions in Jabal al-Turkman. Meanwhile, HTS fighters were deployed throughout the western countryside of Jesr al-Shughour, along with bringing in military reinforcement from its camps and security centers in al-Hamama, Darkoush and Jesr al-Shughour.


SOHR sources reported earlier today continuous clashes with different violence degrees between the HTS on one side and independent jihadist groups and brigades who are “Jond al-Sham” that is headed by Abu Muslim al-Shishani and Jond Allh that is headed by a Turkish jihadist with most of its fighter are Turks.


The clashes are centered in the areas of Jiser al-Shour in western Idlib countryside and Jabal al-Turkman in north Latakkia countryside in an attack by HTS on posts and headquarter of the aforementioned groups.


According to the SOHR Jond Allah group was able to detain families of members of the HTS in a failed attack of the latter on a headquarter in Jabal al-Turkman. The clashes have left so far two deaths of the HTS and similar number from the other Jihadists lines. It is with noting that the clashes coincided with the arrival of reinforcement of the HTS to north Latakkia countryside.


Earlier in the day, SOHR SOHR activists reported that HTS forces started attacking posts and headquarters of Jond al-Sham faction which is headed by Abu Muslim al-Shishani who was welcomed as a conqueror in May 2015 before al-Golani has conflicted with his fellows in addition to the attack on what is so-called as the Independent Brigades, Jond Allah in particular who include members, most of which are Turkish elements in Jisr al-Sho’our in west Idlib countryside and Jabal al-Turkman in Latakkia countryside. The clashes run among conflicted Jihadist formations amid confirmed information about fall of victims from both sides.


It is worth noting that HTS-controlled large forces equipped with heavy weapons have deployed in western countryside areas in Idlib until reaching Jabal al-Turkuman before the HTS forces attacked headquarter of the Jihadist.


SOHR activists have added that the HTS has targeted the headquarter of the Turkish Jihadist group in Jiser al-Sho’our that was formerly subject to Russian air attack.


SOHR sources referred to the security alert of the factions working the Jabal al-Turkman in north Latakkia countryside which coincided with the deployment of security members at the checkpoints of the roads leading to western Idlib countryside.


According to sources, the security service that is affiliated the HTS has called several times members of Jihadist group called “Jond Allah” to face trail over different charges but the faction members have rejected several times, which made anti-security operations are expected in the region.


It is worth noting that Jond Allah group that has been led by Turkish jihadists and most of the faction members are of Turkish nationalities. Those developments have been carried out in light of HTS ouster of the Jihadist factions in areas under their control and polish their image.

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