For second time in 10 days | Regime forces send large military reinforcement to north Aleppo countryside • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

For second time in 10 days | Regime forces send large military reinforcement to north Aleppo countryside


Aleppo province: SOHR activists in north Aleppo reported that the regime forces have sent in the past few hours, large military reinforcement that included tanks, armored vehicles, soldiers, military and logistics tools in villages of Tal Madeeq, Tal Zouyan, Tal Jijian in north Aleppo that are adjunct to the frontlines with the Turkey-baked factions in Euphrates Shield areas.

On Oct. 16, SOHR activists reported that regime forces brought military reinforcements to Mengh military Airport. According to SOHR sources, 4th Division Special forces arrived at Mengh military airport in the past few hours, while the members are still in the airport waiting military orders to deploy in Afrin and Idlib areas.

SOHR sources reported regime military formation’s leaderships completely suspended vacations for its members in Tel Refaat city in Aleppo countryside, to raise fighting readiness and the high alert of the military groups.

A day earlier, SOHR activists reported that a Turkish scouting drone threw leaflets on Tel Refaat city, while it was flying over the northern countryside of Aleppo.

SOHR activists obtained a copy of the leaflets which included threats of “neutralizing” Kurdish fighters in Tel Refaat city and calls to the city’s civilians to cooperate with Turkish forces before it is too late.

On the other hand, SOHR sources reported that military and civil figures in Turkish-held areas pointed out to the fact that Turkey continues its propaganda against the forcibly displaced residents of Afrin city, to force them to displace once again to other areas.

Some civil activists told SOHR that Turkey previously practiced psychological warfare several times, like in Ain Issa in north-east Syria region a few months ago. At that time, the media outlets of the Turkish-backed factions’ broadcasted videos, threatening to launch a Turkish military campaign with cooperation of the “National Army”. However, factions didn’t carry out any attack on Ain Issa city.

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