The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

First time since Putin-Erdoghan deal signed | Regime forces bombard Termanein Village, causing 10 wounded and killed of children and women


Regime forces have targeted with Russian-made missiles Termanein Village stationed bwteen west Aleppo and north Idlib countryside or the first time since the Tukrish-Russian deal was enforced with regard cease-fire in Putin-Erdoghan area on March 5, 2020.

SOHR activists have reported that the two of the missile shells fall in the vicinity of the Turkish post in the area while others fall within a camp of the widows and orphans in the same area which caused death of a child while 11 women and children have sustained different wounds in a primary counting.

Earlier in the day, SOHR activists reported, in the early hours of Wednesday, exchange of fire by heavy and medium machine guns between the regime forces and loyal factions on one side and jihadist groups on the other at the frontlines of Jabal al-Turkman in north Latakkia countryside.
The factions targeted with grenade frontlines of regime forces at Arom al-Kubra frontline in west Aleppo countryside and the regime forces have bombarded Safhoun, al-Futirah, Fulifil and al-Barah within the southern part of Idlib countryside. But, no causalities have been reported yet amid hovering of scouting airplanes.