As joint military manoeuvres underway | Over 150 regime soldiers head to Ain Issa countryside • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights
The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

As joint military manoeuvres underway | Over 150 regime soldiers head to Ain Issa countryside

Al-Raqqah province: SOHR sources have reported the arrival of large military reinforcement of regime forces in Ain Issa countryside in northern al-Raqqah. According to SOHR sources, three buses carrying over 150 regime soldiers have arrived in Ain Issa from al-Tabaqah.


This development coincides with the ongoing military build-up by Turkish forces and their proxies in “Peace Spring” areas and the joint military manoeuvres by Russian forces with coordination with regime forces and SDF.


Earlier today, SOHR reported the arrival of military reinforcements of SDF and its military councils in north-west al-Hasakah province, as Tel Tamr Military Council and Syriac Military Council have boosted their posts and positions on the frontlines of Tel Tamr and Abu Raseen (Zarkaan) with qualitative weapons, including, short, medium and long-range artillery units, missile launchers, heavy machineguns and a large number of special forces’ fighters.


SOHR activists also reported that SDF obtained qualitative weapons and raised the combat readiness of its fighters in order to confront any possible attacks or surprise infiltrations.


This military reinforcement coincided with bringing in large reinforcement by Turkish forces and their proxy factions to the “Peace Spring” areas and areas in Turkish territory near the border strip between Syria and Turkey.


Meanwhile, the area witnessed military activities by the International Coalition and Russian forces in north-east Syria, where International Coalition jets launched flares yesterday, warning Russian jets that were flying over Tel Tamr, while approaching the airspace of US forces stationed there.


It is worth noting that those military exercises were the first of their kind since the deployment of regime forces in Tel Tamr town in the far north-west region of al-Hasakah province by the end of 2019. While the Russian jets fired flares over the frontlines near the international highway “M4” for three times, where Turkish forces and their proxy factions have been deployed in this region since October 2019.


Yesterday, SOHR activists reported arrival of new military reinforcements of the Turkish forces that included heavy weapons-loaded trucks that were headed to the opposite side of Ain al-Arab (Kubani) in east Aleppo countryside.


The Turkish forces also brought large military reinforcements to Ras al-Ain (Sere Kaneye) in northwest al-Hasakah via the border gate of Ras al-Ain.


On the other hand, Turkish forces had bombarded al-Misirifah and Howiganah in east Ain Essa villages near M4 Road in north al-Raqqa.


Reliable sources had informed the Syrian Observatory that regime forces are conducting military manoeuvres with live ammunition in Tel Tamr district in northern al-Hasakah, with the participation of Russian fighter jets which were seen flying at a low altitude over the region, along with launching flares. SOHR activists had reported hearing loud explosions caused by the regime’s military manoeuvres which had been conducted in the area between Jabal Abd al-Aziz on the M4 highway and al-Aliyah area in Tel Tamr countryside in northern al-Hasakah, near the frontlines with Turkish-backed factions.


These development coincided with the ongoing build-up on several frontlines in al-Hasakah and al-Raqqah countryside following the arrival of military reinforcement by Turkish forces and their proxy factions in “Peace Spring” areas and the recent reports of an imminent military operation, as well as the arrival of military reinforcement sent by regime forces and Syria Democratic Forces to the region.