The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

For “not striking new reconciliation” | Regime security services storm house of suspect in eastern Daraa

Daraa province: SOHR sources have reported that the regime’s security services have stormed the house of a suspect in Nahteh town in the eastern countryside of Daraa today. However, the security forces failed to arrest the suspect who was not at home. According to SOHR sources, the security services wanted to arrest the suspect under the pretext that “he has not struck a reconciliation deal”.


SOHR sources have just reported a heinous crime in al-Muzayra’a town in the western countryside of Daraa this morning, as a man known by his initials as J. A. shot his mother dead, using his rifle, before he escaped. According to SOHR sources, the killer was a prominent drug dealer, and he had involved in several crimes without being prosecuted or held accountable, despite the alleged settlement of security status of suspects and confiscation of individual weapons under Russian sponsorship.