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Factions collaboration | Al-Ashmat faction join Harakat Tha’roon to meeting Syrian people aspiration in Aleppo countryside


Aleppo province: Abou Ashma-led Sultan Suleiman Shah Division factions known as “al-Ashmat” joined Harakat Tha’roon faction that has been formed in October with seven factions. That movement has been active in the Turkish-held areas and the opposition factions in Aleppo countryside within Euphrates Shield and Olive Branch regions.

Al-Ashma explained in a statement reasons for that factional collaboration is “to unit ranks and efforts of the factions to meet the Syrian people aspirations.”

In early October, seven factions of Turkey-backed National Army announced its merging under Harakat Tha’roon under Azm unified leadership operations room and the new movement included Liwaa al-Shamal, the 9th Division, Liwaa al-Montser, Sultan Murad, al-Sham Corps, Liwaa 112 and Thwaar al-Sham within the National Army factions-held areas and the Turkish forces regions in Aleppo countryside.

It is worth noting that the unified operations room of “Azm” was formed in mid-July, in which it comprised at that time al-Jabha al-Shamiyyah, Sultan Murad Division and other Turkish-backed factions.

On September 9, SOHR sources reported that several factions operating under the banner of the Turkish-backed National Army announced about a new military formation dubbed the “Syrian Liberation Front”, at Turkish Intelligence’s orders. The new military formation comprises the factions of al-Mu’tasem Division, al-Hamza Division, the 20th Division, Suqur al-Sham Brigade, Sultan Suleiman Shah Division (al-Amshat) and other factions. The recently-formed alliance followed the formation of “Azm” operations room in mid-July, which many of factions operated under its banner split from, after rivalries among them.