The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Sole health center closed in al-Rokban camp | Camp population lives big tragedy amid complete absence of medical service

At Syria-Iraq-Jordan triangle border, population of al-Rokban camp lives severe tragedy due to absence of doctors inside the camp that host nearly 11,000 displaced from difference Syrian areas especially after the Jordanian side decided to close the only health center that has been serving the camp’s people after spread of COVID-19.

The Jordanian move has worsened the situation inside the camp. Since then, the displaced people were forces in emergency cases to go to the regime-controlled areas and met severe difficulties in their way back to the camp. Any patient would have to pay large amount of money at checkpoints of the regime for the security men who facilitate their exit and entry for money that most of the people couldn’t afford.

The real crisis appears when pregnant ladies have to leave the camp for caesarian. In such circumstance, the lady in labor couldn’t take a member of her family with her because costs of passing the regime checkpoint is extremely expensive and some of the family’s members are also wanted by the regime and feared to be arrested. As a result, families dismantled as the mother live in the regime-held areas and the father lives inside the camp with his other children.

Inside the camp, there aren’t qualified nurses who conduct the investigation, the diagnoses and medication. Even the people selling the medicine aren’t qualified and don’t have any license to sell it. Inside the camp, there is Sham Hospital that is administratively affiliated to the US-backed Jaish Maghaweer al-Thawrah that employs nurses to freely supervise the patents and sometimes brings medicine and distribute it for free to the patients. It is worth noting that prices of medicine inside the camp are very expensive because it is brought in the camp via smuggling roads with feed-bringing cars. Accordingly, most of the camp’s residents buys natural herbs instead of medicine.

On Nov. 8, despite of the besiege imposed by the regime forces and its proxies on the refugees and displaced people in al-Rokban camp at the triangle border of Jordan-Iraq-Syria and the failures of all attempts to dismantle the camp by people close to the regime and its factions and some other international parties, Lebanese Hezbollah Party has started bringing in another type of narcotics into the camp.

The party targeted the young men who constitute the largest category inside the camp, where operations of selling and trading narcotic have risen lately via brining in pills and hash in the trucks transferring food and vegetables.

The drugs traders exploit the unstable psychological conditions of hundreds of young men due to lack of job opportunities and spread the drugs which has destroyed hundreds of youth after addicting to pills and hash which is more dangerous compared to the traditional wars without any moves from the bodies responsible for the camp to stop access of those drugs into the camp.

Most of narcotic merchants from Hezbollah party have very strong relations like octopus with all sides. SOHR stressed that if that problem isn’t tackled correctly by official bodies, it would bring disastrous consequences on the young men inside the camp especially that these drugs are available for kids.