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Searching for antiquities | Turkish-backed factions excavate the archaeological hill of “Kashour” in Afrin countryside

Aleppo province: SOHR sources have reported that Turkish-backed factions continue excavating the archaeological hill of “Kashour” on the Syria-Turkey border, in full view of Turkish forces. The faction use heavy diggers and earth-moving machineries for digging and excavating the archaeological hill, searching for antiquities and artifacts.


Since the beginning of “Olive Branch” operation in 2018 when Turkish forces and their proxy factions stormed Afrin canton, the archaeological hill of “Kashour” has been excavated by the Turkish-backed factions on many occasions.


In 2019, most of the hill was excavated and damaged, while in early 2021, a large-scale campaign of digging and excavation work was unleashed, which led to the disappearance of the hill.


On the other hand, Turkish-backed factions in Euphrates Shield and Olive Branch regions have continued scraping archeological hills in search for treasures and antiquities and sabotaging the Syrian history likewise what ISIS did of destroying the history and looting the antiquities in the areas formerly under their control.


On the other hand, SOHR activists have reported that al-Jabhat al-Shamiyah factions that is close to the Turkish intelligence over the past ten days have been digging some sites in Akdah village in E’zaz city in north Aleppo in search for archeological burials. The process of scraping took place in front of the civilians houses under leadership of the military commander in the faction who is known by his initials as “M.A.” and in collaboration with chairman of Sajo municipal council whose is known as “A.A.”


In Afrin city, “Deir Sawan” hill in Sheran neighborhood which is registered in the Syrian Antiquities Headquarters since 1981 with decision number 244 | A for digging and scraping operations by Ankara-backed factions.


According to the photos recently captured for the site, digging and systematic destruction of that hill could be obviously seen passing by al-Akrobol peak until the slope where the digging by heavy tools and bulldozers to find antiquities at sight of Turkish forces.


Meanwhile, Jandarss hill, located is south of al-Nahiyah as destroyed by Turkish forces stationed over the hill after turning it into a military based since capturing the city. The photos taken by satellites, showed the continuous digging and sabotage work of the that hill by heavy machines for expanding the base and looting the treasures as well as destroying the warehouses of the German-Syrian mission and completely scrapping the whole area after looting the tools used by the archeological missions that were searching for monuments.


Since March 2018, several archeological sites in Afrin were subject to looting after been explored by Turkey-backed national Army.

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