After exceptional leaves for three months | Nearly 500 Turkish soldiers redeployed in their posts in "de-escalation zone” • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

After exceptional leaves for three months | Nearly 500 Turkish soldiers redeployed in their posts in “de-escalation zone”

Idlib Province: SOHR activists have reported that nearly 500 Turkish soldiers entered Syrian territory, yesterday, in two consecutive convoys carrying logistical supplies and headed to their positions and posts in Idlib province in the “de-escalation zone”. These two convoys included officers who underwent training courses, after spending the leaves they took in September in Turkey.


According to Syrian Observatory activists, the first convoy of Turkish soldiers headed towards the central point in the town of Nayreb, the headquarters of the Turkish Forces’ leadership in Idlib. The second convoy headed to Mustaouma camp from which vehicles and equipment were distributed to the other posts east and south of Idlib in order to be positioned and redeployed later in the Turkish posts and positions in the “de-escalation zone”. It is expected that the last convoy of the Turkish soldiers and officers will arrive this evening. It is worth noting that the number of Turkish soldiers and officers who spent their leaves and underwent training courses in Turkey approximated 3,000, and they started to leave Syria in batches in late September 2021.


On November 4, SOHR activists documented the arrival of Turkish reinforcement via Kafr Lucien crossing in the northern Idlib countryside to the Putin-Erdogan area.


The convoy comprised dozens of Turkish military vehicles carrying over 300 Turkish soldiers.


According to SOHR sources, the soldiers headed towards the Turkish checkpoints in Putin-Erdogan area, after spending vacation designated for soldiers in Turkey, which were reactivated by the Turkish forces nearly ten days earlier for the soldiers who serve in Idlib province.


It is worth noting that the Turkish forces suspended the soldiers’ vacations for over a year, due to the large military deployment and preparation for establishing checkpoints in the province.


Meanwhile, Turkish soldiers and officers, estimated to be nearly 3,000, would continue returning to Turkey in vacations until the middle of November. Over 1000 soldiers and officers underwent ground training courses, and already started their vacations on September 26.

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