Wild fire | Hours after putting fire out in Baniyas countryside, new blast approaches residential areas • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Wild fire | Hours after putting fire out in Baniyas countryside, new blast approaches residential areas

SOHR activists have reported a fire broke out in Al-Sakpia region in the countryside Baniyas city in Tartus province and the flames approached some residential areas. On the other hand, the populations called on the neighboring villages to help in fighting the flames and alleviate the losses.

The new blast happened after another wildfire was extinguished a in a nearby village. SOHR activists reported that the previous flames expanded large spaces of gardens and forests in the village of Taatina in Baniyas District in Tartus province due to gale-force wind while the people appealed to the authorities to intervene and to extinguish the fire.

On November 14, SOHR activists reported new wildfires broke out in citrus farm’s trees and forests in al-Souda, al-Mashta, Baqa’ou and Bahisis regions, in addition to areas in Safita countryside in Tartous province.

Meanwhile, regime’s firefighting units were attempting to extinguish the fires. Reasons behind the fire, whether caused intentionally or by nature, remained unknown.

While on November 13, SOHR sources reported that wildfires started in large spaces of orchards of citrus trees and some forests in Jableh countryside on the Syrian coastline. The fires broke out in the villages and areas of Wadi Kankaru, Qasabeen, al-Laboudi, Jisr al-Oqaybah, near the bypass in al-Tadamon, al-Basha orchards, which damaged large spaces of orchards and forests in these areas.

Meanwhile, fire extinguisher experts and regime helicopters were attempting to end the fire that was spreading rapidly due to gale-force wind.

Also, in late September 2020, wildfires broke out in large spaces in different areas on the Syrian coastline, devouring over 200 positions, damaging tens of villages and leaving some villages turned into ashes.

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