“Chamwings Airlines” suspends flights from Damascus to Belarus • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

“Chamwings Airlines” suspends flights from Damascus to Belarus

Syrian Observatory sources have reported that “Chamwings Airlines” suspended flights from the Syrian capital, Damascus, to Belarus. Tens of Syrian people had flown on that airline to Belarus, so that they could sneak into other European countries through Poland which have deployed large number of military troops along its border with Belarus in order to prevent the entry of immigrates to its territory.


It was easy to get visas to Belarus, so many civilians preferred that way to reach Europe instead of the dangerous trip to Greece by sea.


It is worth noting that the dire living situation, poverty, lack of raw materials, lack of job opportunities and astronomically inflated prices in regime-backed areas and the entire Syrian geography have spurred many Syrian people to think of leaving Syria to Europe or any other country.


On November 4, the living situation of Syrian people in regime-held areas deteriorated greatly, as the Syrian regime’s government was unable to put an end to the corruption in its institutions or the critical economic hardship in light of the sanctions imposed on Syria under “Caesar Act”,. Residents in these areas were struggling with prohibitively high prices of food and fuel, especially since winter approached, at time when the salaries of employees and workers were too low.

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