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Protesting suspension of support to “Maternity and Pediatric Hospital” | Residents and officials call for sit-in protest in al-Raqqah

Al-Raqqah province: SOHR sources have reported that popular and official bodies in al-Raqqah city have called for a sit-in protest in front of the “Maternity and Pediatric Hospital” in the city on Monday morning, in which they will demand resumption of support provided to the hospital which provides free medical services to the residents of al-Raqqah city.


On November 19, Observatory sources reported that popular fear prevailed in al-Raqqah city, the former capital of the “Islamic State”, which is now under the control of Syria Democratic Forces and the International Coalition following a decision by the European organization of “Syria Relief”, suspending support it provides to the “Maternity and Pediatric Hospital” which provided free medical services to the city’s residents.


According to SOHR sources, the hospital examined nearly 10,000 children and women every month and operated nearly 450 caesarean sections a month, nearly 15 operations a day. Moreover, the hospital contained a children clinic, a suite with 40 beds, 16 neonatal intensive care units, a radiography system, a mammography system for the early detection of breast cancer, a pharmacy, a laboratory and oxygen concentrators.


The suspension of support therefore would lead to a humanitarian disaster, as most of the residents in the city could not bear the costs of treatment in private hospitals. Meanwhile, the medical team decided to work in the hospital for free until the end of 2021, hoping that the hospital would get needed support.


It is worth noting that there were nearly 128 humanitarian organizations operating in al-Raqqah city, however, no winter clothes, fuel or any other assistances were distributed yet to the families, as the tasks of these organizations were confined to organizing dialogue sessions, providing psychological support, gifts to children and brochures.


It is also worth noting that nearly 134,000 families of 750,000 people live now in al-Raqqah city and countryside, while the population of al-Raqqah city alone approximates 65,000 families of nearly 380,000 people.


We, at the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, appeal to all international organizations not to abandon their responsibility and obligations to the people of al-Raqqah and to provide support to the “Maternity and Pediatric Hospital” in the city.

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