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After reconciliation deals in Daraa | Unprecedented immigration of young men from the province

Daraa province: After striking of new reconciliation deals in Daraa province has been accomplished in late October, the entire province has experienced unprecedented immigration of young men. In the past months, nearly 6,200 people across Daraa have had their security situation settled, as some of them had passed their date of joining the mandatory service to regime’s security branches, while others had been involved in crimes. Moreover, nearly 950 personal weapons were handed over to the regime security services which entered nearly 55 towns and villages throughout Daraa, under Russian-sponsored agreement.


According to SOHR sources, a large number of young men sneak out of Daraa, with the help of smugglers and commanders and officers of regime forces and National Defence Forces (NDF) who take large sums of money of 1,500 to 3,500 US, heading to north Syria region with the aim to reach Turkey then Greece where they can seek asylum in any European country. Furthermore, tens of young men head to the Immigration and Passports department in Daraa city daily in order to issue passports and immigrate from Syria to Turkey through Lebanon, while others seek to leave to any of Arab countries.


The immigration of young men from Daraa has alarmingly escalated in the recent time in light of the disastrous living situation. The province’s young men also fear of being arrested and driven to compulsory service in regime army, while others fear of renewed military operations in Daraa and the daily attacks.


SOHR has documented the death of 54 people across Daraa province since the start of the recent agreements. The fatalities were distributed as follows:


  • 29 civilians, including a child, some of them were former fighter and gave up fighting after striking reconciliation deals in 2018.


  • 25 regime soldiers, members of the Russian-backed 5th Corps and regime “collaborators”.


On November 19, SOHR sources reported an unstable situation in the immigration and passport office in Daraa because of the large number of civilians, particularly young men, who head to the office daily to issue passports to leave Syria. These crowds in Daraa’s immigration and passport office followed the recent reconciliations under Russian-sponsored agreements.


According to SOHR sources, security services and employees in the immigration and passport office clamped down on the civilians by verbally abusing them and deliberately delaying procedures, especially since a large number of young men were seeking to issue their passports to travel abroad and flee from military service in the Syrian regime army. Meanwhile, regime security services arrested six young men while they were scrambling to file passport applications  in the immigration and passport office in Daraa.

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