The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

The regime forces shell several areas in countryside of Hama and Lattakia

Hama Province:

A shell launched by the regime forces landed on area in the village of Lahaya in the northern countryside of Hama, coincided with the regime forces opening fire on areas in the village, also the regime forces shelled areas in the southwest outskirts of Jesr Bayt al-Ras village in Sahl al-Ghab, while the villages of Qabr Feddah, al-Rmyleh, al-Krym and al-Ashrafyyeh witness large migration of its people fearing the storming of the regime forces to the region, according to activists.


Lattakia Province:

The Islamic battalions used missiles to shell regime forces positions in Nabe’e al-Morr in the northern countryside of Latakia, no information about casualties.